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No Love In An Elevator…

Posted by Amy in General

So have I mentioned that I have a small problem with elevators? As in I am not the world’s biggest elevator fan? Now I won’t go OUT OF MY WAY to avoid them…but I if its a short hike up a couple flights of stairs I will usually take the stairs.  Its because I have a fear of being stuck in an elevator.

Well right now I have a small yet adequately embarrassing story to share with you.  Earlier this week I had quite the load of stuff to take downstairs from my office. I don’t honestly even remember really what it was. But for whatever reason I decided to take the elevator at work. I work on the third floor.  So I get into the elevator and stand smack in the middle of it. The elevators at work are HUGE (there are two of them) and it took me forever to figure out that they were so big because it IS a library and they have those rolling book carts to transport up and down). Anyway…I get in the elevator and I have all this stuff I am juggling. And I face forward as the doors are close behind me and then…well nothing happens. The floor indicator telling me what floor we are on stays at three.  I can literally feel the panic rising in me as I realize this elevator car is going NO WHERE. Am I stuck? Do I hit the emergency button? Do I just hit the door open button? What DO I DO?  DEAR GOD I AM GONNA BE STUCK IN THIS ELEVATOR FOR HOURS AND WILL DIE  IN THIS ELEVATOR.  I feel the panic clutch my stomach and start to try to ram it up my throat.  I am about ready to hit the panic button (which I think turns on the 911 phone in the elevator) when it dawns on me that the reason I am going no where? Is because when I got in the elevator I was so concerned with not dropping anything that I forgot to press my floor button.  Yeah.  My bad there.

So I press my floor button and am swiftly transported to the first floor where I rush out of the lobby and to my car so no one can see my bright red face.

So I told you mine…you tell me yours. What is something embarrassing that you have done recently. Don’t make me retell the story of the time I got stuck in a portapotty at the sports car races at Laguna Seca…

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