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NASCAR 2009: A Bulleted List

Posted by Amy in General

While I am desperately trying to find time to finish up my thoughts on my Stewart Haas post I thought I would share some NASCAR related bullets with you all. Just some News You Could Use kinda stuff:

  • After taking the plunge last season and finding myself woefully sucktacular at the fantasy racing league stuff and vowing not to do it any more…I am in a fantasy racing league again for 2009.  My big complaint about the ones I test drove last year (NASCAR.COM’s free one and PAY THE FAN’s Chase One) was that they were complicated and tedious- calling for logging in and picking of drivers once a week…and frankly I would forget to login or get frustrated and not even care.  This one is already more fun and less complicated- you get six drivers…that’s it. Its a private fan one run by one of my twitter friends….and I had a good time just picking my teams- it was a challenge but in the fun sense.  I think this is going to be way more fun!
  • NASCAR.COM has released a revamped front page to their website. Frankly? I don’t like it. I miss just being able to see the newest articles up towards the top of the page. This one is technically a “prettier” website but less functional for me that is for sure.
  • Speaking of websites, driver Denny Hamlin is about to launch his newly redesigned driver website. Rumor has it that Denny will be hosting a promotion on his website giving away tickets to every race in the series.  That’s really cool Denny.  I think a lot of drivers need to be a little more interactive with their fans. This is one way because who doesn’t love free stuff.  Another person good at this with fan club members (I have a friend who is one this is how I know) anyway is Jeff Gordon. I think that a lot of other drivers could take heed.  A couple minutes of time could do a lot PR wise. Trust me…us fans don’t need a lot of interaction but some interaction is really cool.
  • Remember how I wrote that post regarding the officedepotracing.com website Saturday night?  Well that site is still providing me with amusement.  Today during my break at work I took a tour of the 14 shop. And more importantly,   I have my official Office Depot Racing 14 desktop wall paper up now…so I feel all official and everything. This is the one I chose for work:
    Office Depot Racing

    Office Depot Racing

    and this is the one I chose for home:



    Both of these wallpapers and more are available for your downloading pleasure at officedepotracing.com

  • If you are a Dale Jr. Fan and in the Daytona Beach area from Feb. 6th – the 12th you may wish to take part in a promotion to meet Dale Jr.  Adidas has teamed up with Champs Sports to give fans the chance to meet Dale Jr. face to face.  The promotion states that the first 88 fans to make a $150 adidas purchase that includes one Dale Jr. item at the Volusia Mall Champs store will receive an Adidas Hot Pass to meet Dale Jr on Feb. 12th. Each of the 88 fans will get their photo taken with Dale and will receive a collectible frame. Also the first 88 fans to make a $50 adidas purchase including one Dale Jr Item starting on Feb 13th wil receive a Dale Jr. autographed can of Amp Energy. Store is located at the Volusia Mall at 1700 W. International Speedway Blvd in Daytona Beach Florida.
  • Regarding my Stewart-Haas Racing preseason post…I am hopefully shooting for a Wednesday morning post…so keep your peepers to the grindstone for that one.

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