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The Tony Stewart Advertising Machine…(aka Tony and The King)

Posted by Amy in General

Knowing my love of all things office supply, my father asked if I wanted to ride to Office Max with him on the day of the Bud Shootout.  I looked at him and said “Sorry, I can not shop there. I have to shop at Office Depot now.”  My dad just gave me a funny look and continued on with his trip to the store without me…not realizing completely what I was talking about.  Of course it probably confused him a little more when I yelled out after him as he got in his pickup “Remember…Office Depot is the official office supply store of NASCAR!”  Before, as a fan, it was extremely easy for me to be loyal to Tony’s sponsor Home Depot- because it was the only home improvement warehouse in town. We do not have a Lowe’s.  The closest Lowe’s is over 30 miles away in a different county.  We have local chain hardware stores but nothing else that can be in the same league with Home Depot. Our town is riddled with office supply stores however. Besides Office Depot we have an Office Max and the town I work in has a Staples. You all know I love the office supply stores…throw me in a room with pens and post-its on sale and I am a happy girl. So it will be hard to limit myself to Office Depot.

With Tony’s new major sponsorships will come new advertisements.  Now my friend mentioned seeing one already but somehow I missed it.  Anyway…in my head I have a couple of really good commercials…one for office depot and one for old spice (the sponsors that are basically splitting major sponsorship on the #14 Stewart-Haas Impala).  Now I am no advertising executive but I know what I would like to see…what would make me chuckle.  Which is what I love in a commercial;  a good chuckle. The Toyota Fan Controller commercial with Tony and Zippy, for instance, made me laugh every single time I saw it.  I dunno something about ZIPPY RUN FOR YOUR LIFE made me laugh out loud.  It could be that I have an odd sense of humor but it literally made me laugh each time.  Another good Tony commercial was the one with the little remote control cars- where all the coke drivers are racing them around a garage and Tony wins and then Kevin Harvicks crew member runs over Tony’s little rc car.  Aww…Sorry About Your Little Car Tony. Again…good stuff.  Anyway I am digressing immensely.

What you might not realize is that Tony has also made a deal with Burger King for a two race sponsorship, and part of that deal includes that Burger King will be a food service provider at his race track (Eldora Speedway). Another part of this deal also includes commercials.  The thought of this frightens me only because I have an innate fear of THE KING. There is something about his plastic frozen expressioned face and the creepy things that he does…like stare into peoples windows, frollick with animals, sleep in fields with cows? THE KING almost starts being stalkerish.  THE KING creeps me out and I really don’t think I would like it too much to see Tony frollicking with the THE KING.  Or I am evisioning a race with Tony and The King…where there THE KING is in a firesuit.  Or even worse…a plastic faced, frozen-expressioned Tony Stewart. Now I am starting to give myself the willies.  The only commercial with THE KING and Tony that might possibly be acceptable would be if Tony runs him over or something. It would be good if the commericial could omit THE KING completely.  How about a commerical with Tony and Whopper Jr.  I love the commerical when Whopper Jr. tells his Dad (The Whopper) that he has his head in his bun.  That one totally passes the chuckle test.

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  • Charity says:

    We don’t have an Office Depot here, which sucks big time. We have Staples. Bleh. LOL

    I too fear the commercials that might arise from the sponsorship by Burger King. I love BK’s food, HATE THE KING. *shudder* He IS creepy and he IS a stalker! I agree, something with Tony & Whopper Jr or something like that. LOL

  • Charity says:

    By the way, be on the lookout this Sunday for Tony’s newest Old Spice commercial. The first time I saw it, I laughed my butt off. :)

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