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Why I Don’t Collect Diecasts

Posted by Amy in General
We talked advertising yesterday, so let’s talk merchandise today.  One of the big issues a fan like me will have when a driver switches teams (or becomes an owner/driver) is the need to suddenly replace all of your existing merchandise.  The Stewart-Haas racing switch is hard for me because merchandise is slow to come out which means my car is fairly naked (my 20 sticker in the window disappeared sometime last November and I am still using my 20 license plate frame because I haven’t gotten my 14 one yet).  I am however happily mousing on my new Tony Stewart mouse pad. (Yes I use a mouse pad because my desk at work is too shiny for the optical mouse and if I don’t use one my pointer dances all over my desktop).
Anyway…I have never been a collector of diecasts.  I have a couple of the (cheap) Winner’s Circle brand cars…because they are cheap and available at my favorite store (Target) right of the shelf.  However- I decided that since Tony was changing numbers/sponsors I would look into a diecast or two. Knowing that Tony has two primary sponsors, I figured I would find two different cars. The Office Depot Paint Scheme:
Office Depot Paint Scheme

And the Old Spice Paint Scheme:

Old Spice Paint Scheme

However- there already is a 14 with a Smoke paint scheme:

Smoke Paint Scheme

And a 14 with the Burger King paint scheme (Tony will be sponsored by Burger King for two races):

Burger King 14 paint scheme

Yeah…and Daytona hasn’t even happened yet. This is the exact reason WHY I do not collect diecasts. Already there are 4 different paint schemes and countless others in the work. These high quality ones can run anywhere from 69.99 to 89.99 a piece and that my friends is an obsession I just can NOT afford- bad economy or good.

I decided against one of the big dough diecasts only because I couldn’t decide. Part of me wants one of the traditional paint schemes while another part of me screams very loudly that the Smoke Paint Sheme is REALLY COOL while a third part of me thinks that since the Burger King paint scheme is only going to be used for two races that would be the one to get. Too many choices makes my head spin around and start to smoke (no pun intended) so to simplify it for myself I said “Self you really can’t justify that much on a toy car that will just sit on a shelf.”  My “self” is no fun and won’t let me collect diecasts.

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2 Responses

  • Charity says:

    I go for the diecasts from Walmart. LOL I have the Office Depot and Old Spice 1:87 diecasts. :)

    However, if Winners Circle doesn’t come out with the Smoke car or BK car, I won’t be getting those, as I can’t afford to get them if they’re not the cheap ones. :(

  • Trixie says:

    I’m not a big collector. I have the Office Depot and Old Spice one along with a Smoke line Christmas car. But Postman had those on order for several months and we used part of the income tax refund to get them. I am done for this year unless they are the cheaper ones from Winners Circle.

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