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The Shelby 427: Qualifying Day

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Surprise! I decided to get these out starting today so you wouldn’t be left wondering.  Anyway last year the Vegas race (the UAW 400) was our first NASCAR race live and in person and this year BFM decided to take the reins in planning everything.  I just wrote her a check when she told me how much our tickets would be. She picked the seats and the activities and everything…and let me tell you I had a total blast. She picked us some awesome seats in the Petty Terrace (right across from Pit Exit).  I am going to have to break up my experience into three posts: Qualifying Day, Race Day and Driver Appearances otherwise you all would probably kill me for the length/picture ratio.


After our great time last year in the Neon Garage BFM and I decided that Qualifying day is the best day to have the garage passes (in Vegas the Garage passes are expensive…friday alone is $99.00 but both of us thing they are WELL worth it).  We got to the track probably around 9:00 ish and spent a good portion of an hour and a half or so just messing around the midway checking out the merch haulers and stuff.  The busiest haulers seemed to be Junior (no suprise), Tony (probably his fans stocking up on new merch) and Digger (yeah Digger has his own little merch booth).  Then it was off to the neon garage:

This picture was actually taken on Sunday of the Garage from the Richard Petty Terrace

This picture was actually taken on Sunday of the Garage from the Richard Petty Terrace

I absolutely love the garage area at any track because it fascinates me BUT at Las Vegas Motor Speedway the NEON Garage really rocks.  In Vegas there is a “fan walk” along the top of the stalls so that you not only can look into the stalls on the ground level but you can also look down from above- which is where I love to hang out and watch the crews work on their cars:

Tonys crew works on the Old Spice/Office Depot Impala

Tony's crew works on the Old Spice/Office Depot Impala

Ryan Newmans Impala sits in his garage stall at LVMS

Ryan Newman's Impala sits in his garage stall at LVMS

Changing Tonys Oil

Changing Tony's Oil

More Adjustments for Tony

More Adjustments for Tony

Chad Knaus Tapes Jimmies Car (to prove I didnt just haunt Tonys garage stall).

Chad Knaus tapes Jimmie's car (to prove I didn't just haunt Tony's garage stall- I actually have quite a few of the 48 stall and the 24 stall too...and others but I can't show em all here).

Tony watching the monitors during practice

Tony watching the monitors during practice.

By these pictures you would think I spent a majority of my time at the Stewart Haas Garage- and while I was at the 14 stall so much that I did get to see Tony horsing around with one of his crew guys- looked like he goosed him (tony goosed the crew guy not the other way around) -I did spend a good chunk of time there wandering around peeking in the other garage stalls- honest! I just didn’t seem to find them doing anything other than eating lunch (Jeff Gordon’s crew member eating cereal, Jimmie Johnson’s eating a sandwich, Carl Edward’s crew eating something off a plate-you know real note worthy stuff) or their car was on the track so they weren’t bustling around the garage when I happened by.

Unfortunately for us Tony’s garage stall was on the complete opposite side as the 24/48 stalls that BFM was most interested in so we had to split ways and meet inbetween to touch bases occassionally.  We finally grabbed a bite in the Neon Garage and then went out to our seats to watch qualifying- where we froze our collective keisters off.  It was so windy and cold that I was all for leaving qualifying before Tony’s car had even been rolled onto the qualifying grid.  BFM told me we would wait to watch Tony qualify…and as soon as he shut her down we were out of there…I was turning into an Amysicle.

Interesting side note: On the way home BFM had an interesting observation of the Stewart garage area.  She told me that Tony and crew seemed to be in an overall better mood to her this time than last year.  Now I thought that myself- but then again I am kind of biased (she is a Hendrick lover- 24 and 48 in that order) so it was interesting to me that she brought that up unprompted.

Tomorrow watch for: The Shelby 427: Race Day

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