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I won Brad Keselowski

Posted by Amy in General

When I am at Target (my favorite store in the world) I usually stop by the collectible cards section and pick up a pack or three of NASCAR PressPass cards.  I don’t collect the whole set- mostly I am looking to score Tony cards.  Anyway in my last purchase at Target I actually won an autographed card of Brad Keselowski!  Don’t believe me? Here is the card:

I won Brad Keselowsi

I won Brad Keselowsi- sorry for the sucky camera phone pic.

I rarely win anything but I seem to be on a roll this year.

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  • Lauren says:

    Hey Amy!
    Thanks for commenting me back. =] Sure, you can link my blog and I’ll link yours too.

    That’s cool that you got that Brad card! I’m jealous! haha. I’m so addicted to buying those cards but I NEVER get any of my drivers. And then I get mad because I just spent $10 on nothing. lol Oh well, one of these days I will hit that jackpot and get all of my drivers in a pack! =]

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