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So Much To Tell, So Little Time…

Posted by Amy in General

I got back from my Vegas/Phoenix trip Monday afternoon. I have so so much to tell and show you but things are always a tad crazy for me right when I get back and it takes me a while to get back to where I get my rhythm of posting back.

I will tell you this: So far? Phoenix International Raceway has had the best actual racing action that I have witnessed live and in person.  I will explain more about this later…and YES I took pictures (although honestly? I “only” took 180 pictures the whole time I was gone.  That for me? Is a record LOW.  I usually take a bazillion pictures.)  So I promise to soon give you a detailed account of PIR…but for now…just take my word for it…it was a fun trip and definitely worth the 1700+ miles driven!

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