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Friday Meme Day…

Posted by Amy in General

First The Friday Fill-In #125

1. Moving sucks.

2.The best things in life are free.

3. My best quality is my ability to obsess.

4. Heaven is in the details.

5. In nearly 10 11 years, I have worked for the same company.

6. Reassurance is what I need right now!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to my walk, tomorrow my plans include cleaning and Sunday, I want to watch Tony win the Coca-Cola 600!

And Bill’s Quicky-Roo MI-5

  1. Motorcycle or Jet Ski? Why? Well if I have to pick one I would say motorcycle only because it is something could drive more often.  It would have to be a nice Harley or one of those bitching choppers with the bad-ass paint jobs though! But a jet ski sure sounds like a ton of fun!
  2. Fruit pie or cream pie? Which kind? Why? Hmm I just like pie so it really doesn’t matter…but if I have to pick I guess I would pick fruit pie because there are more combinations and I would be less likely to get sick of one (current favorites of fruit pie are apple and cherry). My favorite pie to make is Buttermilk Pie though.
  3. Book or magazine? How come? Book because there is more to it.  More to digest. I am a reader. I love books. I can not go into a bookstore and leave empty handed.  I have read one book so many times that I can recite the entire first page from memory. Six billion brownie points and my undying respect and love if you can figure out which book it is.
  4. Hot beverage or cool drink? What’s your fav? Overall I tend to drink cold beverages more than warm. I am NOT one of those people who needs coffee (I tend to get my caffeine in chilled form). I usually only pick warm ones in the winter or when I am sick. So definitely cold beverages. I guess my favorites would be water, ice tea and diet coke for the non-alcoholic variety. On the rare ocassion I swill the alcohol? I am a margarita on the rocks kinda girl (none of the frozen stuff for me).
  5. What’s on the grill on Monday–beef, pork, or fowl? What’s the specifics? Beef! Tritip. Maybe some elk sausage if we have any left.  Dad’s grillin’ and I am eating! Oooh and maybe my mom can make that salad with the cornbread in it. I forget what it is called but we don’t eat it that much cuz it is decedent and I LOVE IT!

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