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I Went To Infineon And All I Got Was A Sunburn

Posted by Amy in General

Ok…not really. I came away having a great time. And I did get a sunburn (after wearing – I kid you not- SPF 100 sunblock). I also got 4 gigs worth of pictures at the track alone (we also spent some time at a nearby Six Flags).

So stay tuned for the race report direct from the track…coming hopefully soon (as in probably tomorrow)!

PS. VALLI- I wasn’t ignorning you. My phone is a cheap phone so while I can twitter out- I can’t really get my twitter responses into it. Cuz you know…its a little cheap phone and I can’t upgrade for free til October.

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  • Valli says:

    I was like, why isn’t she writing me back!?! Ack! :) I figured you weren’t able to see my replies. No biggie. :)

    I too have a sunburn, I’m starting to peel actually, but I wasn’t wearing sunblock. For some reason I thought I wouldn’t be in the sun that long. ha! :)

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