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Late But Worth The Wait: Double the MI-5′s!

Posted by Amy in General

I was at Infineon last Friday and I have just been too busy to get this up any sooner…but this is a double the MI-5 post:

First up is Bill’s Vacation MI-5 from last friday:

1) Tell us a memorable vacation story you have from your childhood. For awhile during my childhood we would rent a cabin up in DeSabla near Paradise, CA that was owned by the company my father worked for. It had a little teeny lake you could fish on a pool and an expanse of woods that we would hike around in. Well one day we went hiking and GOT LOST! As in REALLY REALLY lost. It was VERY scary and we were lost most of the day. We finally came across what was either a fire break or some sort of access road or trail and followed it but by this time we had been lost for at least 8 hours or so..we were dirty hungry and tired.  We eventually ended up on a street and asked one of the men sitting in front of his house if we could use his hose to get a drink and he let us and my dad told him we were lost and asked him how to get back to where we were from…and he told us but it was a pretty long walk.  A couple minutes later the guy came in a huge ancient Suburban and gave us ride back to the cabin. We got there to my grandparents sitting on the porch drinking a beer. They told us they had been there several hours and were starting to wonder where we got off to.

2) Tell us a memorable vacation tale from your adulthood. Well every adult vacation has a memory attached to it. This last one when I went to Infineon- was meeting and having my picture taken with Darian – Tony Stewart’s Crew Chief. My friend and I always figure out a way to have some sort of adventure!!!

3) Assume you and your mate/significant other/best friend are going on a dream vacation. You don’t have to pay for any of it. Where do you go? Why?  We go to Charlotte for the All-Star Race and the Coca-Cola 600 and the week in between. We are gonna do it one of these days.

4) Now, come back down to Earth, and tell us about a “dream” vacation that you think might actually happen some day. Where is that? How long until you think it becomes reality? The one I mentioned up there will happen. I know that because we are planning for it. We have an ultimate goal of visiting EVERY track on the NASCAR circuit and that one is one of the big hits.

5) There are some missionary students on “working vacation” coming to my house for dinner tonight. If someone came to stay with you for vacation, what would you feed them that was really considered a “local delicacy”? What regional food would be a “must have”? A local delicacy? Calamari I guess. Ooh and Artichokes. Yum.

And next is G’s Life’s Journey M-5 for this week:

G sez:The idea is to name the book which is your life.  Give your book (your life) a title.  Or, if your life were a book what would the title be?  Next come the chapters.  Some of these chapters will be uglier, funnier, better or worse than others.  For each of the time frames listed, try to name that chapter in your life.  You don’t have to, but if you wanted to expand on the reasoning behind your titles, that would be great.  Also, if you have a chapter in your life that isn’t represented here, please feel free to add it.

Your Book Title – Late But Worth The Wait?

Chapter Titles:

Birth to 5 Years – Mostly An Only Child…until 4 Anyway
Elementary Years – Just A Normal Kid.
Jr. High Years- Meeting My BFF And Nearly Getting Suspended
High School Years – Kicking Ass And The Great Bus Coup of 1992
College Age – Coming Out Of My Shell…Kinda
Present Age – Where I am Today

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