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Dear Office Depot–

Posted by Amy in General

You know I love you, Office Depot.  I have loved you far before you were Tony Stewart’s sponsor. Why? Because you have office supplies and I have a serious office supply addiction.  When you became one of Tony’s primary sponsors I nearly did a back flip…except I am not really that flexible. I love office supplies (and as a kid I loved school supplies) of all kinds.  Pens are my favorite supply…but I also have a serious love of all things post-it notey, notebook-like, and well I could go on but I don’t want to bore you. I do, however, have a small bone to pick with you!

So anyway I recently found myself in the need of three office supplies (1 red pen, 1 binder and a pack of graph paper).  I knew it was school supply season and I figured I would be able to find what I needed fairly quickly.  I don’t even get past the door and you are already distracting me with a big huge cardboard cutout of Tony Stewart.  I want this cardboard cut out. I asked my mom if I created a huge diversion in the back of the store if she would grab him and haul ass out to the truck and throw him in the backseat…but she declined. Damnation.

So I finally get into your fine store and head to my beloved pen isle only to find it seriously lacking in two things: Single pens. And Red Pens. I was really hoping for a single red Sharpie pen (not the fine tipped marker but the actual Sharpie pen…because I LOVE THOSE!!!). However I was unable to find a single red pen to buy. I just needed one. Not 12. Now luckily I was able to fine a 12 pack of red papermates on sale even for only 1.99 but really I only needed ONE pen. Not 12. Now I have 11 extras!  Granted I will probably eventually use them…but 11 extras is really excessive- especially for red-it’s my least favorite color of pen. Now yes I could have bought the three pack of a slightly better model of pen in my desired ink color however- but they were also nearly three times more expensive than the 12 pack of the cheaper pen.

Also- just so you know? Your graph paper selection? Stinks. I was looking for the kind that is 10 squares an inch and the best you had was 5 squares an inch. I will make due because I wasn’t about to go searching the damn town over for what I was looking for…

Other than that I really love your store (and the employees are usually so helpful. The guy who asked me if he could help me right when I walked in was able to tell me what aisle graph paper was on instantaneously without even thinking about it).


PS. I still really want the cardboard Tony in the entry way!

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  • Charity says:

    You sound like me. There is a pizza place called Pizza Ranch here (mid-west only) that is sponsoring Kyle Busch’s #18 Nationwide car on August 1. They have a cardboard cutout of Kyle in the Pizza Ranch location here and I am constantly wanting to just walk out the door with it. :/

    Unfortunately, I do not get the option of seeing this Tony Stewart cutout as we don’t have an Office Depot here. We have Staples. Bleh. LOL

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