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Fair Time Again

Posted by Amy in General

If you have been reading for awhile, you know that I like to take pictures and that the last couple of years I have entered some of what I think is my best work to the local county fair. These are my three entries this year:

Crash In Turn 7 from Infineon

Crash In Turn 7 from Infineon (category: Photojournalism)

Pelicans at the Coast Guard Doc

Pelicans at the Coast Guard Dock (category: wild animals)



Artichokes (category: Bounty of the Valley (local Ag photos- a new category)

You can enter up to 4 photos…and I usually do enter four each year.  However I was going to use this picture I took of my nephew as my fourth entry:

Pensive At The Park

Pensive At The Park

But I needed to get a model release signed by my brother…who said he’d “have to think about it” and then never did sign the release for me…but It’s a great picture…because he’s a cutie (of course I am biased). Unfortunately I didn’t think it would be an issue since they gave me permission to use a picture of him last year so I had spent the money to have the photo printed in uber high quality format (that is what I get for procrastinating a little this year I guess). Oh well…guess what they are getting for Christmas.

As much as I love photography and I love entering them in the fair- I am sad to say this will probably be my last time doing it. It’s kind of an expensive process…of course I say this now…who knows what I will say next year.

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