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Motorcycle Cops and Horses, Oh My!!!

Posted by Amy in General

Last weekend was our annual Rodeo (the 99th year believe it or not). Rodeo is one of our big events here and is celebrated the whole week before (often called BIG WEEK). So some years I am more into Rodeo than others. This year I was definitely not into rodeo. So much so that I was actually able to forget about it for the most part except for the one time I accidentally got caught in event traffic in front of the rodeo grounds because I had forgotten and driven that way. Dumb me.

One of the FREE things that come with Rodeo is the Horse Parade. They start on the south side of town and parade up Main street all the way into the rodeo grounds.  Pretty much you have seen one horse parade though you have seen them all. Seriously its just a bunch of people on horses, some dressed up some wearing regular clothes.  However my dad decided it would be great to take his grandson (my nephew) to the horse parade. I went along to play porter (my main job? Carry chairs and push empty stroller). Luckily I also got to take three pictures and hold my nephew for three seconds.  I was surprised that he seemed to really love the horse parade.  My mom was worried the horses would scare him. He didn’t seem scared by them at all.  He watched the horses and waved to a couple. But what fascinated him the most? The Motorcycle cops that preceded the horses.  The motorcycle cops zoomed back and forth prior to the parade and then were at the front of the parade…and he LOVED them. He waved and waved at them. It was so cute.  Here is my nephew and I at the parade for the three seconds I got to hold him. You can’t tell but he was waving at a horse:

15 months old

15 months old

BTW- it looks like we have the same color hair doesn’t it? We don’t. His is natural. Mine is decidedly not.


Just a reminder I am not here this weekend- I am in Vegas. If you leave a comment and you haven’t done so before…it may take until Monday or Tuesday to show up. Keep coming back while I am gone though- I have some good posts lined up.

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