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Cupcakes and Furloughs Part 2

Posted by Amy in General

Yummmm cupcakes

So there was the end result of my first attempt at the Sprinkles cupcake mix from Williams & Sonoma.  They don’t look half bad considering that I had to use a much to big offset spatula to ice them. I have remedied this situation and purchased up a small one as the directions originally stated.  Now whether they actually tasted like Sprinkles cupcakes I can not tell you. I may have baked them too long or not long enough. I say this because they definitely fell after they cooled and they had an odd crumbly yet not dry consistency. I don’t know if that is normal either. It was something fun…and the neighbors seemed to appreciate them.  The dots on the top. They were Eh. Kind of odd tasting. I gave Roxy the one off of mine. She liked it. Of course Roxy will eat nearly anything…except for pickles and wasabi peas.

I actually really like baking- I love the precision involved in measuring things out and mixing them up.  I am NOT a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kind of cook. My dad can throw whatever in a bowl and get the result he was hoping for. Doesn’t matter if he is making cookies or stew or beans. This frustrates my mom because she will want to replicate what he made and can’t because he doesn’t remember what exactly he did.

So…for some unknown reason I decided to get up at my usual work time my last furlough day.  I have no idea why I thought that would be a good idea…I am definitely sleeping in. I think it contributed to the feeling I had all day- that guilty feeling you get when you call in sick even though you really aren’t sick. That feeling plagued me all day- to the near point I felt bad going out of the house (of course it didn’t stop me from leaving- especially since my mom offered to take me to lunch).  I spent my day doing cupcakes, laundry and other little chores so that I would have a full weekend with nothing to do. Well that didn’t pan out so well either since I spent most of my Saturday doing stuff for others. My dad usually takes my grandma shopping so I did that because he had to work Saturday and I know he wanted to go to the airshow on Sunday (he is such a plane geek).  I also mowed the lawn for him because my dad is the kind of guy who would forgo something fun because the lawn didn’t get mowed this week.  Urg I forgot how BIG that lawn was! And his lawn mower pinched me and gave me a bruise…then it hurt my hand. Its a funky lawnmower that basically powers itself and then I have to walk behind it and steer it but to engage the blade you have to push down this button while flipping this lever to engage the self-propel part….the vibrating of holding the button down and squeezing the lever at the same time kills my left hand.

Anyway this month our second furlough day is this Friday since the beginning of the semester is nearly here we need the time to ramp up for the onslaught of freshmen.  I have no definite plans for this friday- except to NOT get up at the time I get up for work. Ahhh sleeping in is good for the soul!

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  • Lisa says:

    We get “helluva good” here in Maine…I buy it all the time. It is often cheaper than the “store brand”. I’m not really a “foodie”, butI certainly like it!

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