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Wow…where did I go?

Posted by Amy in General

Unfortunately I went no where. It was just one of those weeks where my “real” job was hellishly busy (being a new semester- it comes with the territory) and by the time I got home- I didn’t want to think… or write…at least not in anything over 140 characters (for those following me on Twitter- I did scrounge out a couple updates here and there).

When we last left off…I was having my HHR towed to the dealer because something broke and suddenly she wouldn’t roll. Well apparently no…nothing at all broke.  Common consensus is that somehow I had the parking brake stuck on- despite the fact that I had released it and the light went off. That is why it wouldn’t roll.  The “horrendous noise” I heard was it finally disengaging.  If I had started it back up AFTER the noise it probably would have rolled just fine. It was a scary noise though. And as much as I love cars- I really only know the basics about them- so when something goes wrong I have no idea.  The service advisor I worked with at the dealership was more than accommodating in offering to keep it another day to check it out. And like I told them when I was having it towed in- the engine sounds fine.  My only concern is that in a couple of weeks I am off to Vegas for the truck races (we got truck races free as part of our terrace package for the Cup series race) and I don’t want to be driving 500 miles – over mountain passes and through the desert in a car that is having an issue.  And it was within a week of needing an oil change anyway – so I had them change the oil while the car was  there.

Saturday included a trip to do grocery shopping for Grandma and then after than I kidnapped my parents and took them to Gilroy. This afforded me two things: A good jaunt to make sure that the HHR was working up to par (and after going the back way home- that car is FINE) plus some shopping in establishments I don’t usually get to frequent- not that I actually bought anything for me- but I did buy my nephew a toy tractor.

I then got to see my nephew- I was hoping to have pictures to share since I haven’t recently. I think you all will be surprised with how big he has actually gotten! But my dad surprisingly has not uploaded any of the pictures he took yet. He’s starting to talk- mostly still nonsense with the occasionally Mamma, daddy, Dis, dat, keys (he is fascinated with keys and locks) thrown in.

Roxy sits with Matthew, who is playing with his toolbench at grandma and grandpa's house.

Roxy sits with Matthew, who is playing with his toolbench at grandma and grandpa's house. And yes that IS a old homedepot Tony Stewart outfit he's wearing. His aunty hasn't bought him any new Tony Stuff yet.

I know that the Cup series had an off weekend…and I know that the trucks (Yey Kyle) and the nationwide cars (congrats to Carl) ran. But I will tell you that I was not able to actually watch any of it this weekend.

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