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Dear NASCAR Cafe & Saraha Casino–

Posted by Amy in General

While not a local to Vegas, my best friend is, and we have been going to your establishment for over two years. The first couple of times we went we had a great time… we have eaten there multiple times, shopped the giftshop and played in the Pit Pass Arcade (basically we have done everything except for the SPEED roller coaster because well roller coasters just aren’t our thing). Then you closed the upstairs seating area at the cafe. We thought that was odd, but took to sitting in the bar to watch the race. We didn’t like the new menu as much but it was something fun to do to watch the race when we couldn’t actually be at the track. At the beginning of this year we noticed that you basically closed most of the gift shop- leaving just a small part of it open- with very little merchandise. Workers at the giftshop stated that they were going to reopen the rest later with more of the new merchandise from this year. That never happened.

I was in town this last weekend for the Truck races on Saturday and on Sunday we decided it would be fun to watch the NASCAR race at the NASCAR CAFE. I knew we were in trouble the minute we turned the corner from the Casino into the area of the CAFE and I noticed that all the wait staff, bartenders and even the hostess were wearing FOOTBALL JERSEYS. Well the race hadn’t started yet so we just figured tvs would be turned to the race as soon as it started. We asked the hostess- who proceeded to tell us that NO…the race would be shown only on one TV in the back of the bar area and the sound would be on mute because of FOOTBALL. Would we like to sit over there? Um- no- we actually like to be able to hear what is going on in the race. As we left we double checked the name of the establishment to make sure it was still called the NASCAR Cafe…everything we saw said it was (as does your website I might add). Because of that mess we ended up missing the first 22 laps of the race as we went back across town to my friends house to watch the race.

It is FALSE advertising to call yourself the NASCAR cafe. If we had wanted to watch football we could have gone to a myriad of restaurants or bars in Vegas. We chose your establishment because with a name like THE NASCAR CAFE you would think that we would be able to enjoy the race with sound….surrounded by other fans. Not huddled into a corner having to rely on the closed captioning. It’s bad enough that you did this at all but during the Chase (which is NASCAR’s playoffs) is worse. We were incredibly disappointed by this new direction you have taken. You are doing NASCAR fans an incredible disservice and might I suggest that if you are no longer willing to cater to NASCAR fans you should remove the name NASCAR from your cafe. You can be sure we will no longer come to your establishment- and we will encourage other fans to do the same.

(ADDED: Yes I really DID send this to the Sahara, in case you were wondering).

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  • Kevin Boots says:

    Hear anything back yet? Might want to forward it to Nascar as well. I doubt they would be happy about this since their name is on the place.

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