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Emergency (Deer) Lights And Whistles

Posted by Amy in General

So yesterday morning I was driving into work- and it’s hard to describe the area- because its an odd area. It use to be a military base that was closed for many years.  Then it turned into a University, but there is still military housing, a PX and a gas station that civilians can’t use and other military presence.  Anyway- I was driving through a wooded part of the area yesterday morning when I caught site of a deer walking across the road ahead of me. Luckily the driver in front of me saw him too (he was a young forked horn) and we stopped to let him saunter across the road.

The problem is that I am stopped in the middle of the road on a blind turn that is also a slight elevation changeto that makes it even more blind…and its prime commute hours and people who drive through this area are notorious speeders.  I was worried while letting this guy cross the road I was going to get rear ended at 40 mph so to make myself more visible I put on my emergency flashers (which of course made the deer stop to take a look at the pretty flashing lights and thus we had to wait for him even longer).  Sure enough a car came bolting down and around the corner. Luckily either my emergency lights did the trick or she saw me anyway because she slowed down and stopped while “Mr. Fascinated By The Blinky lights” decided to trot off into the brush.

The idea of hitting a deer petrifies me (ok honestly- the idea of hitting ANYTHING petrifies me- including the kamikaze ground squirrels we have around here). I have come close a couple of times actually with the deer (once with a coyote, once with a fox, twice with wild turkeys, nearly daily with the kamikaze squirrels). Anyway it was suggested to me to get deer whistles for my car. My dad says not to- that in his experience they actually attract the deer more than scare them. Any one have any thoughts?

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  • Charity says:

    I’ve never even heard of deer whistles…. so I couldn’t really say whether or not they would work. Around here we just hope we don’t smack into ‘em. :/

  • Lots of deer here in ME. Few people use them. I would guess most people here feel like I do: They don’t really seem to work all that well, so why bother? I’ve not heard anyone say they attract deer, though.

    Hey, follow up on your DIRECTV rant from FB, would ya? What’s the story there?

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