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Playing Musical Crew Chiefs

Posted by Amy in General

Joe Gibbs Racing announced today that as of the race at Texas Motorspeedway, Steve Addington will no longer be the crew chief for Kyle Busch.  He will be replaced by Dave Rogers, while Addington will be “reassigned” within JGR (see official team announcement here).

I admit when I read that this morning I was completely shocked.  Yeah Kyle hasn’t had the best of years- but you know everyone has a run of bad luck…is that any reason to replace your crew chief?  Especially a crew chief that you had a totally awesome run with the season before?

Then I started thinking about it and ruminating over it. Why why why?? Then  my friend sent me an email stating this: You don’t think that they are eventually going to move Addington over to Logano because Zippy is leaving to be with Tony Stewart do you? Well of course that just launched me into playing musical chairs with the crew chief/driver pairings and this is what I came up with should a game of musical crew chiefs arise out of this news:

Addington goes to Logano, Greg Zipadelli goes to Stewart, Grubb goes to Newman, Gibson goes to Junior, but I am still chiefless for Kyle Busch. So I guess the cheese stands alone for right now.

So what do you think is going on? Is it just a simple personality clash between Addington and Busch? Or is it a more involved game of musical crew chiefs that is going to happen? How do you think the drivers and crew chiefs line up (or how should they line up)?

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  • fayanne says:

    I like your way of thinking Amy! I’m crushed that Addington is being treated this way as he’s my fav cc. Would love to see him go to Penske for Brad K. He has one more season on his JGR contract but not sure how he feels about staying there, even if he’s been there 10 yrs already. Kyle’s words are coming back to haunt him when he made light of Jr’s probs and they got rid of Tony Jr. (another great person). “It’s always the crew chief”..well Kyle, as much as I like your driving, I don’t agree in this case.

  • Kevin Boots says:

    What if Addington leaves and becomes Newman’s CC or even Jr’s? Could happen. I would like to see Zippy and Tony together again but I like Grubb alot too.
    Really deep down, I think Zippy will go to SHR. I think Tony hired Grubb so they can secretly start making their own stuff in house. They had him CC this year till Zippy’s contract was up. The voiced in my head tell me I am crazies but you believe me, don’t you?!?

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