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Day 2 Champions Week: Burnouts and The Stewie

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The next day we leave BFFM’s house and head towards the strip.   We knew that the burnouts would be at Spring Mountain along the parade route so we headed to the Fashion Show Mall (located directly across from the Wynn on Las Vegas Boulevard. We did some window shopping and then walked down to Caesar’s Forum Shops because BFFM needed to stop by a store there. We wandered even further down the strip (on foot) then headed back to the Fashion Show where we picked our spot on the strip right at the corner in front of Neiman Marcus. And there we stood. For hours. Ok well sometimes we sat.  We picked the spot we were in because we had a great view of the intersection AND we were in the sun- which helped with the coldness…for about 20 minutes or so when the sun dropped behind one of the casinos and put us in the shadow. By then it was too late to move into the sun somewhere else because the route was quickly filling up with people standing in wait for the students.  We waited and waited and slowly started turning blue from the cold (ok- I might be exaggerating a bit there but it was DARN cold). Really really darn cold.

Finally we saw action. The police finally decided to close down the roadway. A little too late and they seemed not to realize how much of the road needed to be closed down. Once they got that taken care of we could see the Camaro pace car and a pickup truck full of media – once they came through the intersection, then…came Mr. Jimmie Johnson:

This is one of my favorites...mostly because you can see all the people watching from the food bridge.

This is one of my favorites...mostly because you can see all the people watching from the food bridge.

Jimmie gets out and takes a bow...after breaking his car.

Jimmie gets out and takes a bow...after breaking his car.

Yes you read that right…Jimmie broke his car. Minutes after this picture was taken a wrecker showed up loaded Jimmie up and hauled him down the rest of the parade path. When the moved Jimmie’s car from this spot there was a huge puddle of something- possibly transmission fluid all over the street. It was good and broke. The next couple of drivers just drove by gingerly, but Tony flung around the corner kind of hard…and from there the rest of the field kicked it back up until both Vickers and Edwards gave full burnouts as well (though none were as good as Jimmie’s).

By the time the parade was over we were both suffering from sort sort of hypothermia and basically RAN into Neiman to get warm…and headed straight for Starbucks for some warm beverage. I don’t even remember what I ordered.

We then went back to BFFM’s house, warmed up, changed, and headed off dinner and then to The RIO to go to the Third Annual Stewie awards.  Because of dinner we ended up actually not getting to the Rio until 6:30 so by the time we found where the Stewies were all the good upclose spots were taken so we sought higher ground and actually ended up watching from the balcony that over looked them. We were on the end but everytime someone got bored and wandered away we moved more towards the middle.

I did NOT get any pictures at the Stewies because my neck killing me from carrying my camera the entire day. However they were fun- I just wish we could have heard better.

If you are interested in some of what went on during the awards…you can listen and watch online here.

Stay tuned for my third and final part: Outtakes.

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