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My NASCAR/On Being A Fan…

Posted by Amy in General

It’s a look I am familiar with…when I start to talk NASCAR with someone their eyes kind of glaze over- you see…being from Northern California- NASCAR isn’t exactly on everyone’s radar.  It’s not that racing isn’t popular here…I have mentioned before that I live within 10 miles of a race track. It’s just that NASCAR persay isn’t something that ALOT of people have experience with locally. When they hear racing they think of motorcycles laying over to take the turns of Laguna Seca. They think of Daytona prototypes and historic car races. They have no idea.

This is not to say that there are no NASCAR fans local. On the contrary there are (and yes I am talking about people besides me and my immediate family). But let’s just say they are far and few between.

Case in point: I was in a local supermarket several months ago. The bank that I use currently has a branch there and I went with my mom who needed to get some groceries while I needed to use the ATM.  When I was done with my banking business I went to catch up with my mom in the store- knowing roughly where she would be.  However, I was caught off-guard by a woman wearing a full on Office Depot racing jacket. This is just not something you see. I thought initially she might be a Carl Edwards fan but no this was a new jacket- a TONY STEWART jacket.  She had just turned the corner into the meat department and appeared to be with a teenage boy- perhaps her son or grandson.  I actually followed into the meat department even though I knew my mom wouldn’t be in that area of the store because I was shocked to see someone wearing Tony Stewart merchandise walking around my local supermarket.

However, even within my own family, it seems people don’t understand. My uncle has made comments on several ocassions that he doesn’t see what I get out of watching a bunch of cars drive in circles. How do I explain? My mom, will often roll her eyes when I launch into my latest NASCAR fuelled tirade and I think she enjoys the off season because I am not constantly yabbering about NASCAR. As a matter of fact I got that eye roll yesterday.

It’s one of the reasons I love going to races so much- they turned NASCAR into a much less solitary sport to me. Combine that with the awesome NASCAR online presence and the most important fact of all – that I turned my BFF into a NASCAR fan (only took me like 20 years to do it) have all made it much more of a community to me. Something that I am proud to own and talk about and not just watch on Sunday and quietly wait until the next race.  My NASCAR has become a community to me.

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  • Charity says:

    Around here we have a lot of NASCAR fans – but they’re pretty quiet about it. Most of the Tony Stewart fans have refused to purchase Office Depot merchandise and instead are walking around in their Home Depot stuff as if he’ll go back to JGR if they don’t buy the new stuff. LOL

    But finding merchandise here can be tricky. If it’s a Chevy driver (thank you Tony for going back to Chevy!) our Chevy dealer has a “pro shop” where they sell all kinds of NASCAR stuff. So pretty much any Chevy driver you can get merchandise for.

    Denny Hamlin (BFL’s favorite) is another story. I JUST found her a car a couple of months ago and a t-shirt is not happening unless I order online.

    But truthfully, if I talk about NASCAR with people, I get the glazed eyes look as well. There may be a boatload of fans here, but they sure don’t show themselves!

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