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Happy New Year!!! Here we go for some random notes…

  • I went to Las Vegas on a whim over my “winter break” which is really the week between Christmas and New Years according to work- they close down and give us ALL the week off (in lieu of things like Columbus Day and Admissions Day and the like).  It’s great that I have a friend who will basically let me invite myself! That is a true friend.  Did we go to the strip? Aw hell no! We did that once like 6 years ago and we couldn’t see squat and it took us an hour to get the 50 yards to our hotel…we could see it from the room we got on the strip but by the time we got to our room the fireworks were over. I am just not into that kind of crazy crowd scene.
  • While in Vegas I saw two movies: New Moon (again) and Avatar. I was leery of Avatar because 3-D movies tend to freak me out because I am a “flincher.” Turns out while there were a couple times I had to flinch most of the 3-D in Avatar just gives depth to the scenes- like you could reach in and touch things- which I thought was pretty neat. However- it was way too long for me. Some of the fighting scenes could have been truncated and I really didn’t need to be hit over the head with the “deforestation is evil” and the “America is Evil” diatribes. There was also a little less of the love story then I thought there would be. But the 3-D stuff was really very good.
  • I am hard on sunglasses. My favorite pair I bought at Macys eons ago were DKNY- I lost them a couple months later after having spent way too much on them to begin with.  Discouraged I went to Target and just bought some.  A year or so ago- I decided- well I have grown up- matured some- so I bought myself a kicking pair of raybans- which I destroyed within 6 months (by stepping on them if you must know). So back to $10.00 target sunglasses- yet when I have these- they seem to last forever. Go figure.
  • It’s one week to my birthday. Big whoo.
  • NASCAR related post coming soon. As in hopefully tomorrow!

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