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How I Spent My “Off” NASCAR Weekend…in Pictures

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So not only was there a lovely time change last weekend – it was one of those rare “OFF” NASCAR weekends where they don’t race.  I hope the drivers and crews got a chance to do a little something for themselves whether it be spend time with family, hang out with friends, sleep in, do something they enjoy.

I myself found myself with extra time on my hands this weekend as I wasn’t glued to a TV for several hours watching the race.  So I used my time to get out and get creative.  If you know me you know I love to take pictures.  Right before I left for Vegas I actually bought myself a new camera.  A Canon Rebel t1i.  Did I get rid of my 20D? No!!!  I just wanted something new. All of my dSLR cameras have been hand-me-downs from my dad as he as moved up  (his newest is a Mark 5d or something like that- I know I always want to call it a MARK 5 as in the Lincoln so…it’s something like that). We do our version of a photowalk which is really just my dad, me and sometimes my mom where we go somewhere and just walk around and take pictures.

During the off weekend we went to Pebble Beach, CA.  An exclusive community where if you aren’t a resident or there to play golf you have to pay nearly 10 bucks for the honor to go down there. We paid.  It was a great day though and I got some great ocean shots:

(Photos After The Jump)

Bird Rock Turnout. Pebble Beach. March 2010 Photo Credit: ME

Waves splashing. Restless Sea Turnout. Pebble Beach. Photo credit: Me

Coastal view. Taken by me whilst standing on my tiptoes and shooting without looking pretty much because of a chain link fence. Pebble Beach March 2010 Photo Credit: ME

While there I made some furry friends:

Squirrel. Bird Rock Turnout. Pebble Beach March 2010. Photo Credit: ME

Doesn't this one look like two of the squirrels were daring the leaper to leap? Bird Rock Turn Out. Pebble Beach March 2010 Photo Credit: ME

This has to be the best picture I have ever taken. Do you know how hard it is to get wild squirrels just to stay still enough to take a picture? And then to get one with an expression like this? Bird Rock Turn Out. Pebble Beach March 2010. Photo Credit: ME

We also encountered a furry foe:

Yep that would be one mangey looking coyote slinking along the fairway at one of the golf courses at Pebble Beach. We think he was hunting squirrels. He was actually pretty skiddish around people but I stayed in the backseat of my dad's silverado anyway. Pebble Beach March 2010 Photo Credit: ME

There were lots of signs like this:

No tresspassing. Point Joe Turn Out. Pebble Beach March 2010. Photo credit: ME

There were tons of gorgeous (FREAKING HUGE ELABORATE MANSION-ESQUE) homes but that would be weird to take pictures of. And who knows probably against the rules there anyway.

And you can’t go to Pebble Beach and not take a picture of The Lone Cypress:

The famed Lone Cypress of Pebble Beach. Lone Cypress Turnout. Pebble Beach March 2010 Photo Credit: ME

I also spent some time playing trucks with my nephew MXM:

MXM changes a tire on his CAT truck. Photo Credit: ME

I got to spend time holding and feeding with my 3 week old nephew JXM. This is not me. This is my mom feeding him later on. Its too hard to feed a baby and take his picture at the same time. Photo Credit: ME

I will be the first to admit that during those rare “off” NASCAR weekends I usually end up on SPEED or ESPN looking for some kind of motorsports to watch- because even though I was occupied most of the day I still had a jonesing for speed (not the drug- you know horsepower). This time I ended up watching all of the Supercross.  I don’t know how I ended up getting into the Supercross but this is the second whole Supercross I watched- I also somehow ended up watching the Daytona Supercross last weekend.  How I ended up watching it is a mystery to me but I liked it. Plus my boss is big into Supercross  so I can talk semi-intelligently about it if I have at least watched it right?

So that is my off weekend report.

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