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Pets, Camaros, and Fans Help Build Strong Foundations

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As you know I not only follow Tony Stewart and Ryan Newman, the drivers but I follow each of their driver foundations as well.  I wanted to let you all know that this past Saturday The Ryan Newman Foundation released their book Pit Road Pets: NASCAR Stars & Their Pets, The Second Lap.  I absolutely love my copy of the first Pit Road Pets book.  It’s definite one of the favorites on my NASCAR bookself.  If this second book is anything like the first one (I have ordered mine but don’t have it yet) it’s a gorgeous book of NASCAR Stars and the menagerie pets owned by drivers, crew chiefs, tv personalities and this year there was the addition of fans and their pets in the book too.  Proceeds from the first book went to help establish a regional spay and neuter clinic in North Carolina.  For this second book, according to the Ryan Newman Foundation website,  “One hundred percent of the Ryan Newman Foundation net proceeds will be donated to animal causes such as giving grants to families that can’t afford to spay or neuter their pets. The Ryan Newman Foundation also plans to build an animal education center in North Carolina that will serve as a model for animal welfare and education throughout the U.S.”   As a pet owner I can’t help but support this cause.  Roxy was spayed as soon as she was old enough.  The book is available on line from The Ryan Newman Website . Roxy says to get your copy today:

They won't let me eat this cookie

Roxy says: They won't let me eat this cookie until you buy your copy of Pit Road Pets The Second Lap. Hurry. I am losing my resolve. Photo Credit: Ralph Marbach


I have mentioned it before but I thought I should mention it again: Tony Stewart is raffling off a gorgeous white 2010 Chevy Camaro as well as an expenses paid trip to visit the SHR shop to pick up my your car.  Raffle tickets are $50.00 each. There are a ton of early bird prizes being raffled off as well so the sooner you buy your raffle ticket the better your chances of winning something.  All proceeds from the raffle go the Tony Stewart Foundation to help chronically ill children as well as endangered and injured animals.  I bought my ticket (honestly it’s taped to the wall of my office)…have you bought yours? You can get more information about the raffle at SmokesCamaro.com

You should really check out the Tony Stewart Foundation website because they have a couple of other cool initiatives that you might be interested in besides the Camaro raffle you might be interested.  The first is their Checkered Flag auction series.  The Foundation posts a series of special ebay auctions the first friday of every month- items are autographed and unique.  I have actually taken part in one of these auctions and can tell you that they go very smoothly and the item was in perfect shape.  There is also the Lap Leaders program where for a minimum monthly donation of $14.00 a month you get a quarterly gift- some that are exclusive to the lap leader program.  Also keep checking the foundation website as they continue to share information on their initiatves and ways you can help.

I will tell you that when we interviewed Tony – the best part of the whole interview was when we were talking about his Foundation and the work they do- especially with the animals- his whole face lit up as he talked about the horses and the dogs and how he loves animals. It’s something that you can tell is very close to his heart.


And lastly I wanted to talk about the NASCAR FOUNDATION’s NASCAR DAY program.  It includes the purchase of a pin for $5.00 and wearing it on May 21st.  I also participate in this every year. As a matter of face the first thing that Misty and I bought when we were at Las Vegas Motor Speedway for the race were our NASCAR DAY pins.  We wear them every year.  The money goes to help the NASCAR foundation. This year they are focusing their “Big 5″ community projects which are: “renovation and race theme decoration of a portion of the Aflac Cancer Center and Blood Disorders Service of Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta in Atlanta, Ga.; partnering with Bank of America for a racing-themed educational initiative at Daytona International Speedway in Daytona Beach, Fla.; working with Sprint, Inc. for a playground build at the Kansas City Ronald McDonald House in Kansas City, Mo.; A Place for Hope project outside Charlotte, N.C., and a youth initiative at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, Calif.”  Visit The NASCAR Foundation for more information.

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