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Off To Summer Camp…

Posted by Amy in General

I never went to summer camp as a kid…but my mom did sign me up for these little classes at the parks and rec center.  I took loads of swimming lesssons and was quite the little fish. My favorite though was a cooking class when I was 8 or so and I came home and wanted to make eggs in a basket every day for like a month after taking that class. It was fun to have learned something I could bring home with me like that.  I also did go away to 6th grade science camp where I was lucky not to come home with posion oak after my partner led me into a thicket of the stuff on our blind fold/ trust hike.  Oh and I remember the blueberry pancakes were more like blueberry frisbees with syrup.  And I remember bunking with my friends…in the cabins giggling all night and writing letters home to our parents.  Anyway- the point is that summer camp can be a great place for kids to go and be kids with other kids. 

Tony Stewart Foundation has a Camp fund to do just that. It helps raise funds that assist campers attend special needs camps where the campers can develop skills that build self confidence, have fun, and make friendships.  Isn’t that what camp is all about??  Help Tony and the Tony Stewart Foundation’s Camp Fund to help special kids go to special camps.  You can donate here, whether you have one dollar or one hundred dollars to donate- every litte bit helps send campers on an experience of their lifetime. Think of the smiles on all the kids faces at camp!!

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