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Pepsi Pits HMS Teammates Against Each Other For Great Causes

Posted by Amy in General

I know I tend to write here ad nauseum about Tony Stewart….but I am going to break away from that to tell tell you about a promotion PEPSI is doing with Hendrick Motorsports drivers Jeff Gordon, Dale Earnhardt Jr and Jimmie Johnson.  Each driver has in IDEA to REFRESH the community (pun totally intended since it’s sponsored by Pepsi Refresh) and has put them out there to a fan vote.  The winner will get a $100,000 grant from Pepsi to fund their idea.  So here are the drivers ideas:

Jimmie Johnson wants to support Be The Match- a program that not only helps find bone marrow donations for children suffering from Leukemia but also helps their families afford the costs of treatment that are often not covered by insurance such as travel, lodging, co-payments etc. Here is Jimmie’s campaign speech:

Dale Earnhardt Jr. wants to put technology into the hands of children to give them the tools and the confidence to succeed and get ahead in our world. You can see his campaign video here:

Jeff Gordon wants to fund a program at the Children’s Advocacy Center at the Jeff Gordon Children’s Hospital that will assist sexually and physically abused children receive the help they need through age specific play therapy and other programs. You can see Jeff’s campaign video here:

In my opinion all three of these ideas are GREAT and it will be hard to choose. I have already voted…but I don’t want to sway your decision.  I encourage you to go VOTE! It’s totally free and YOU can help one of these drivers win a $100,000 grant to do good things!  So to find out more and to VOTE go to NASCAR.com/pepsirefresh now!

Don’t make me call your house with those evil recorded messages multiple times a day and send flyers, and all the annoying stuff the politicians are doing here to get you to VOTE! By the way…did I mention you need to go VOTE NOW?

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