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I’m Riding With Tony at Daytona Cuz That’s How I Roll- at 200 MPH!

Posted by Amy in General

This Saturday night Tony Stewart will be piloting himself and the #14 Chevy Impala around Daytona International Speedway. While technically he will be in the car alone- he won’t really be alone he will be carrying over 48,000 of his fans with him on every lap…INCLUDING ME!!!  The entire Burger King hood logo is jammed with fans actual signatures.  How totally COOL is that?

You can't tell by the picture but the signatures of more than 48,000 fans grace the Burger King logo of the 14 car Tony will run this weekend at Daytona. (Photo Credit: Edelman)

I would think that Tony has  got to feel pretty darn good knowing that more than 48,000 people wanted to ride with him and support him in Daytona.  Originally the promotion was to have the fans names only on the part of the logo that said BURGER KING- but that filled up within 48 hours so Burger King actually extended the promotion to the rest of the logo.

They have been calling the fan signatures “fandorsements” which I LOVE because how true is that.  In my experience in not only being a NASCAR fan but being around fellow NASCAR fans at races and other events, fans usually jump all in to  support (endorse) their favorite driver- so “fandorsement” is the perfect word for the signatures on Tony’s car this weekend.  The website is a big Tony Stewart “fandorsement” in itself but actually having the opportunity to have not just my name but actual signature  squished into the logo is too cool for words in my opinion.

What is even cooler than that? ONE lucky ebay bidder can win the hood with Tony’s signature on it as well as the 48,ooo fans. One of the hoods is on auction right now. You can get to the auction by visiting the BK Race & Win website and you will see the auction link with the latest bid (the auction is going now and ends July 8th at a little after noon pacific time- so get your bids in now).  The BK Race & Win website also sports a really cool video with them wrapping the car and a sneak peek behind the scenes at Stewart-Haas racing.  Oh and if you click on EXPLORE you can look over the logo at the fandorsements.

And now I must beg/grovel/whatever….if you happen to win the hood auction…or even better if you happen to get close enough to the car to get a picture of the signatures…my name is in the left arm of the U right on the outer edge not quite half way down. There is a tiny smiley face next to my last name…I would love you forever and ever and ever if you would take me a picture of my name and email it to me.

And of course as always: go TONY go!  I will be with you in spirit at the race…and on your hood.

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