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Back-To-School View

Posted by Amy in General

Last week I mentioned the Tony Stewart backpack donation/ autograph signing at an Office Depot in Chicago but I forgot to mention that in conjunction with the Back-To-School campaign Tony will be driving an alternate Office Depot Racing paint scheme¬† with a BACK-TO-SCHOOL theme. I like this year’s back-to-school car even better than the one Tony raced last season! Take a look:

Side view of the Back-To-School themed Office Depot Chevy. Photo Credit: Edelman

Rear "TV Panel" view (aka the view we hope all the of the competiton sees next weekend) of the Back-To-School themed Office Depot Chevy. Photo Credit: Edelman

Now that is one smart looking car (pun totally and willfully intended).¬† Here is another one of those time lapse car wrapping videos…you know that I love them and share them when I get them:

I think wrapping the cars would be a fun yet frustrating job…fun because well it just looks fun. frustrating because it would be crazy to try to get it all to line up correctly! Patient men (and women) have this job I imagine!

Also just to remind anyone who is in the Chicago area tomorrow July 8th, 2010 might want to stop by the Office Depot located at 2928 North Ashland Avenue Chicago, IL 60657. Wristbands for the Tony Stewart autograph session will be distributed starting at 7:00 am local time and the actual autograph session will start at 4:45 pm (you must be in the autograph line with your wristband by 5:15).

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