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Tooting My Own Horn

Posted by Amy in General

If you are privy to my Facebook or follow me at all on my Twitter you might already have figured this out but I figure there are a couple of you out that that do not do either or you might be a first time visitor here (WELCOME!) and might be interested to know.  Ok, honestly, I am just kind of excited about this opportunity and wanted to let you all know about it:

A couple of weeks ago I was asked if I would be interested in participating in the Racing In America blogRacing in America is actually an exhibit in the works for display at the Henry Ford Museum where visitors can expect to be ” immersed in the history, and in particular the tradition of innovation in American auto racing.” Part of the website about this exhibit is a blog that does pretty much the same thing- it includes  several different bloggers from all over the  motorsports spectrum in the United States and features their writings.  The idea is to gather unique voices from the different genres of motorsports from more of a fan or regular person perspective.  I thought it was an honor to be considered and then to be chosen to be one of these bloggers.

All of this blather is to tell you that my first post is up over at the RIA blog: It’s called Heart Like A Wheel and explains briefly my love of NASCAR and motorsports in general. I would love it if you would go check it out and let me and them know what you think.

I will be writing something there every other week and will definitely let you know each time something new from me is up over there. But I also encourage you to explore the other writers and entries- I have been enjoying them myself!


RIA did not ask me to promote my post there but honestly I think it’s a cool project and I am kind of proud so I thought I would toot my own horn so to speak. BEEPBEEPBEEEEEP!

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