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How To Waste A Weekend

Posted by Amy in General

These are the things that I planned to do this weekend:

  1. Write at least three posts for Badgroove.
  2. Write my next post for Racing In America.
  3. Do my photography class assignment (what? You didn’t know I was taking a photography class…you would have if I had completed number one).
  4. Upload said assignment into my online classroom.
  5. Change my sheets.
  6. Wash the dog’s blanket.
  7. Save a bunch of writing and photos onto my external hard drive.
  8. Work on some fiction I am writing.

What I actually completed from that list:

  1. Do my photography class assignment

What I did this weekend:

Took nearly 12 Gigs of photos in my adventures over the course of two days that took me to a parade:

SPD Preparade 1

Marine ColorGuard

Miss california rodeo

To the staging for the parade:

Prepping for The Horse Parade 12

Prepping for The Horse Parade 2

Prepping for The Horse Parade 3

A local state park that I had never been to before:

Foggy Day at The Dunes

Ben Contemplates The Sea 2

shoes on the beach

To a cemetery overrun with deer:

little buck in the cemetery 4

fawn in the cemetery 3

deer in the cemetery 7

Saw the USS Mobile Bay anchored away in the bay:

uss mobile bay

And while I was at the wharf I saw:

nautical knott

cannery row from wharf one

seagul 3

Had a great time but I ended up with a nasty sunburn. It was a great way to waste the weekend. I am such a procrastinator.

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