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A Whole New Office Depot Racing Website

Posted by Amy in General

Ok, so I go to the Office Depot Racing website a lot. First off I like to switch my desktop wallpaper a lot because I get bored easy and they have a great variety of Tony Stewart and Office Depot Racing wallpapers.  So I went to grab a new one this morning to brighten my Wednesday and I found that they had updated the look of their site….not just a little but a whole lot.  I think the update looks amazing and has a great feel to it!

Let me be the first to introduce you to the brand new look to OfficeDepotRacing.com:

Screen Shot of The New Office Depot Racing website

(Screen shot kindly provided by Edelman)

I don’t know about you all but I LOVE the new look to the website.  It still has all your favorite information (including the wall papers- those rock) but it’s in a much more streamlined format.

I would like to point out that on this new website is an awesome video about Tony called No Limit. You HAVE to check it out.  On the main page it cycles through the main “stories” and it is one of them! It’s a definite must see for any Tony Stewart fan.

There is also a cool little weekly poll.   This week’s question is If you could be on Tony’s pit crew, what job would you like? They give you the choices of: Tire Changer, Spotter, Transport Driver, Tire Carrier, Sign Board/Clean Grill, and Windshield. Now this is something I have actually contemplated.  I chose SPOTTER.  I think being a Spotter would be fun yet important.  My only issue is the whole deathly afraid of heights thing.  Of course being a TRANSPORT DRIVER would be fun too- just think of how much of the country you get to see! But then again- you probably have to keep to a schedule and stopping at the side of the road to take pictures because something catches your eye (as I often do) would probably be frowned upon.  I will tell you what job I would NOT want to do…that is the guy that gets down and Cleans The Grill.  I think it was the Brickyard- that guy reached down and grabbed a piece of paper off the grill of Tony’s car right before he left and I don’t know if it was the camera angle or what but it look like he nearly got hit as Tony was peeling out.  Definitely not for the faint of heart…or klutzy.

But back to my original point…go check out the new Office Depot Racing website!!! You won’t be disappointed.

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