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Introducing the BadGroove (BG) Cup….

Posted by Amy in General

Ok…as you probably know- the Chase starts this weekend at New Hampshire.  The Chase, for those who are not into NASCAR, is the last ten races of the season and is much like playoffs. From this point forward the top 12  in the series points are the only drivers eligible to win the championship cup. The series points leader at the end of the last ten races will be crowned the NASCAR Sprint Cup Champion and of course I am hoping it is Tony- how totally cool and awesome would that be?

NASCAR “seeds” the top 12 drivers with 10 bonus points per win in the regular (first 26 races) season.  With this seeding Tony is currently 6th in points. Denny Hamlin is first in points.  Over at the Racing In America blog I have talked about how I think the points system needs to changed. I don’t think the chase needs to be changed- just the points system. I don’t think that there needs to be a seeding. I think that at the beginning of the chase – the entire top 12 should start on equal ground.

That being said, I have decided to try to keep track of my points system in compared to the current NASCAR points system.  So after each of the races- I will do my usual post race report and at the bottom I will give you the standings of the top 12 drivers in the current NASCAR points system, the Badgroove/NASCAR Hybrid Cup  points system which will retain the current points awarded at the end of the race by NASCAR but will eliminate the seeding bonuses  that the drivers started out with only, and the Badgroove Cup points system, in which the chase drivers will be scored based on their finish…highest placing chase driver will get 12 points, second highest driver will get 11 points, etc. If one of the chase drivers wins the race he will get 5 extra points. I actually got this idea from a comment over at the RIA blog on my post about the need for change in the points system.

I hope I didn’t just totally confuse everyone. I consider this a fun experiment. I hope you will agree!

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  • Kevin says:

    Humm…. liked my comment over there did you. Hehe. I am interested in how this will turn out. If Nascar implemented this point awarding they would not need an elimination.

  • Kevin says:

    I wish I could set up a spreadsheet to see how the other chases would have been different if this points system was used in each chase year. I do not know enough about spreadsheets to do it myself.

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