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Chase Race 10: Homestead Miami…

Posted by Amy in General

Well that was all she wrote…our beloved NASCAR season is over and we now have a Champion – Mr. Five-Time Jimmie Johnson.  And I really don’t understand people who say the chase system doesn’t make for an exciting finish- because that was a nail biter. I am going to be completely honest…I was so wrapped up in the chase that I don’t honestly have much to say about Tony’s run at Homestead except for this: You can’t keep a good man driver down (a lap). Tony somehow ended up a lap down not once, but TWICE through out the race and each time he was able to get that lap back. That last time he was a lap down (I think it had to do with the caution coming out after he and several others went through a round of pit stops- but I am not 100% sure about that) and it could have been bad since it was at the end of the race- but no Tony was about to pull off an eighth place finish (after being a lap down…TWICE) and moved up two positions in the points standings finishing the year in 7th place.  Race winner was Carl Edwards!

So who were you rooting for of the three contenders at Homestead? Were you rooting for Denny? Kevin? Jimmie?  I will tell you who I was rooting for if you tell me who you were rooting for!

Notes about Homestead:

  • I hate to say this…but that incident between Denny Hamlin and Greg Biffle on lap 24- the one that caused Denny to spin – and some damage to the car? That really looked like Denny drifted up into Greg to me anyway.
  • And what about Kyle Busch? That was a fiery crash! I was all STOP THAT SUCKER AND JUMP OUT KYLE!!!  Of course I don’t want to see Kyle burn! I actually enjoy him as a driver (not as much as Tony of course).
  • I always feel bad when the championship is clinched by a driver who is NOT the winner in the race. It made me feel that Carl Edward’s celebration was truncated.  He did win the race.  I was a little worried for his safety when he got out of his car to do his trademark backflip and Jimmie had started burning out right next to him. Yikes!
  • Jimmie’s in-car reaction to having won the championship though? He was so excited! I have to say that Chad Knaus’s Post-It note (Our TEAM won!) to the camera- was appropriate. I liked how he emphasized TEAM especially since the pit crew swap.  (Consequently enough I noticed that nearly right away – with in the week of the swap- the Lowes racing website listed the “new” crew- while the Jeff Gordon website also listed his original crew. Interesting.) Ha! Take that Mike Ford!
  • Speaking of the pit crew swap- I had to say I was concerned that since the swap the wrong crew would get credited with the Tissot Fastest Pit Crew – but luckily they explained that on the national broadcast….that while Jeff Gordon’s crew won the award- it was the original crew….the one that ultimate went to help Jimmie after Texas.
  • Apparently we missed some sort of on track altercation between Logano and Montoya after the wreck? They mentioned it on the national broadcast quite briefly but inquiring minds want to know! What happened?

Next Race:  Daytona 2011.

Seriously though- like last year, I am planning on attending Champion’s week celebrations after Thanksgiving so posting might be light that week. I will tweet and facebook so follow me or friend me or whatever…but of course I will post afterwards!

(SMOKE fans…be sure to check back here Wednesday…Just saying).

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5 Responses

  • Kevin says:

    Harvick! I just wanted him to win so bad.

  • Kevin says:

    I think that Johnson should have had to trade engines with Gordon like they traded teams. That would have been great!

  • Kevin says:

    Logano retaliates against Montoya: An angry #20-Joey Logano retaliated against #42-Juan Pablo Montoya Sunday at Homestead-Miami Speedway, intentionally wrecking him under caution with 64 laps left in the Ford 400. Montoya and Logano made contact on lap 140, sending Logano slamming into the wall and damaging the front end of his car. It took 40 laps to repair his car in the garage. About 25 laps after his return to the track, Logano wrecked Montoya under caution. After the accident, Logano stayed in his car until Montoya’s team was able get Montoya back onto the track. Montoya had a civil conversation with Logano crew chief Greg Zipadelli after falling out of the race. Logano said prior to the retaliation that he was tired of the way Montoya had been racing him. “I gave him plenty of room,” the Joe Gibbs Racing driver said. “I just felt like I got hooked. That’s two times with him this year so we’ve got to figure that out. I don’t know what the deal is.” JGR President J.D. Gibbs said a feud between the two drivers had been simmering. Logano wrecked Montoya under caution to keep the incident from impact other drivers and teams. “That one has been around for a while,” Gibbs said. “That was just frustration on his part.”(SceneDaily)(11-22-2010)

  • Trixie says:

    I was hoping for a different result for the championship, but oh well.

    And I know what is going on Wednesday…could it be something that you can view all year long?

  • Kevin says:

    It’s Wednesday and I’m waiting!

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