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Wrapping Up The Cup Points/BadGroove Cup Standings

Posted by Amy in General

Ok- so I slacked slightly in posting the points after the Phoenix race (as in I didn’t post em at all) and now poof the season is over.

So first I am going to give you my analysis of the three different points systems then I will give you the numbers if you are interested (after the jump).

I kept track of the NASCAR traditional points system, a Hybrid system that was basically the same NASCAR points structure with NO SEEDING (all 12 chase drivers start at 0), and what I call the BadGroove Cup- a completely stand alone system that had the drivers starting at 0 and had a completely separate points structure.

In all three systems, Jimmie Johnson is your winner.  So that didn’t really make a difference- I guess if you are good you are good.  The Hybrid system made a difference in the top three in that Harvick would have overtook Hamlin for second.  Last place in all three systems was Jeff Burton- so again no difference was made.  Really the only difference was in the in-between drivers that were not in the top three but not last.  For instance in the end Stewart finishes as high as 7th in the standings and as low as 11th  (Hybrid-no seeding).  Greg Biffle finished as high as 5th (BadGroove cup) and as low as 7th (Hybrid-no seeding).  Jeff Gordon finished as high as 8th (Hybrid-no seeding) and as low as 10th (BadGroove Cup).  So the big winner would have remained Jimmie Johnson on all three systems and the big loser would have remained Jeff Burton in all three systems.  Overall the Hybrid system and the BadGroove Cup system rewarded overall consistency in the last 10 races.

I now present to you the results for the last two races (Phoenix and Homestead) in just the raw numbers:

NASCAR Standings After Phoenix:

  1. Denny Hamlin- 6462
  2. Jimmie Johnson- 6447
  3. Kevin Harvick- 6416
  4. Carl Edwards- 6198
  5. Matt Kenseth- 6151
  6. Jeff Gordon- 6124
  7. Kyle Busch- 6115
  8. Greg Biffle- 6113
  9. Tony Stewart- 6074
  10. Kurt Busch- 6033
  11. Clint Bowyer- 6028
  12. Jeff Burton- 5958

Hybrid (Same NASCAR points, no seeding) after Phoenix

  1. Denny Hamlin- 6275
  2. Jimmie Johnson- 6227
  3. Kevin Harvick- 6216
  4. Carl Edwards- 6043
  5. Matt Kenseth- 6000
  6. Kyle Busch- 5985
  7. Jeff Gordon- 5985
  8. Greg Biffle- 5905
  9. Kurt Busch- 5890
  10. Clint Bowyer- 5852
  11. Jeff Burton- 5844
  12. Tony Stewart- 5812

BadGroove Cup (Stand alone system) After Phoenix

  1. Denny Hamlin- 88
  2. Jimmie Johnson- 86
  3. Kevin Harvick- 82
  4. Carl Edwards- 68
  5. Greg Biffle- 64
  6. Matt Kenseth- 58
  7. Kyle Busch- 52
  8. Jeff Gordon- 52
  9. Clint Bowyer- 47
  10. Tony Stewart- 47
  11. Kurt Busch- 46
  12. Jeff Burton- 39

Final NASCAR Standings (after Homestead)

  1. Jimmie Johnson- 6622
  2. Denny Hamlin- 6583
  3. Kevin Harvick- 6581
  4. Carl Edwards- 6393
  5. Matt Kenseth- 6294
  6. Greg Biffle- 6247
  7. Tony Stewart- 6221
  8. Kyle Busch- 6182
  9. Jeff Gordon- 6176
  10. Clint Bowyer- 6155
  11. Kurt Busch- 6142
  12. Jeff Burton- 6033

Final Hybrid Standings (no seeding)

  1. Jimmie Johnson- 6450
  2. Kevin Harvick- 6381
  3. Denny Hamlin- 6348
  4. Carl Edwards- 6238
  5. Matt Kenseth- 6143
  6. Kyle Busch- 6052
  7. Greg Biffle- 6039
  8. Jeff Gordon-6005
  9. Kurt Busch- 5999
  10. Clint Bowyer- 5979
  11. Tony Stewart- 5959
  12. Jeff Gordon- 5919

Final BadGroove Standings

  1. Jimmie Johnson- 97
  2. Denny Hamlin- 93
  3. Kevin Harvick- 92
  4. Carl Edwards- 85
  5. Greg Biffle- 71
  6. Matt Kenseth- 66
  7. Tony Stewart- 56
  8. Kyle Busch- 54
  9. Clint Bowyer- 53
  10. Jeff Gordon- 53
  11. Kurt Busch- 50
  12. Jeff Burton- 42

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2 Responses

  • Kevin says:

    I really think Harvick should have spun Jimmie and the restart Jimmie was in front of him. That would have being great! 29 would have become a huge fan favorite also.

  • Kevin says:

    I also think I like the classic points system better, Harvick would have won by 284 or something. Of course the down side to that system is 6 time Champ Jeff Gordon.

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