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A Smurfy Christmas Story

Posted by Amy in General

When my brother and I were young my parents would give us a set amount of money to spend on Christmas. We were expected to budget that money fairly evenly and buy the other three people Christmas presents. They would then take us to the mall and we would split up.  My mom would take me and together she would assist me in purchasing a present for my brother and my dad while my dad was with my brother helping him buy a present for my mom and I…then we would swap and my dad would help me buy for my mom and my mom would help my brother buy for dad.  One year- I was probably about 7 or 8 I had my budget (it was probably no more than 10 dollars a person at the most) and I had my heart set on buying my little brother a smurf for christmas. My mom and I wandered all around the mall – but smurf toys were extremely popular that year and most smurf toys were out of my price range- which was quite firm.  My mom says I looked up at her and said “I never knew smurfs were so expensive!”  I  did get him a smurf that year but he had to settle for a teeny plush one- the smallest one they had.

Flash forward this year. I was with Misty in Vegas and we were cruising the mall.  Macy’s was selling a big stuffed smurf – only $14.99.  It reminded of walking all over the mall looking for that dang smurf so I bought it. Misty bought one too. She named her smurf Schmeil and she named my Shuster.  I  left Shuster Smurf at home and went to work this week…when Shuster apparently got into the Christmas spirit  or my father smurfnapped him and forced him into scenes for photography…which isn’t clear.  However- I present to you A Very Smurfy Christmas the pictorial:

Shuster starts his day with some baking.

Shuster checks his email while the Smurfberry cookies bake.

Shuster decides what to have for lunch.

After lunch Shuster and Roxy go for a walk.

Shuster decides to decorate for Christmas.

Shuster takes a break...can't he have some smurfin' privacy?

Shuster puts the finishing touches on the tree.

Shuster...that's not what they mean by Christmas SPIRIT!

Shuster calls it a day.

Now the above pictures, all taken by my father Ralph, were sent to me one at a time over the course of two days while I was at work.

So- now I wish you all a Merry Christmas!!

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