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WARNING: NASCAR is an addiction

Posted by Misty in General | NASCAR

WARNING:  NASCAR is addicting, may lead to loud outbursts at television set, wild jumping and clapping after lap lead, pass, or victory by favorite driver; avoidance of social commitments and other activities on race day, to name but a few of  the side effects of becoming a NASCAR fan.

I had no idea the depth to which I had been plunged into NASCAR, until this past weekend.  I mean I rarely do anything half heartedly and NASCAR is no exception.  Though I have only been following the sport for the last few years, it did not take me long to learn the terminology, get acquainted with the drivers, the rules, the point system and the myriad of changes that NASCAR has thrown to all of that in the last few years.  I shouldn’t have been surprised by what transpired this past weekend, after all I have broken blood vessels in my hands from clapping so hard during a race, I nearly gave myself a concussion once by jumping up from my stability ball at the end of another race when my driver won and I fell back, slamming my head on a tile floor, and I have caught the attention of more than one fellow race enthusiast at the track when my driver’s “personal safety bubble” is being ignored on track making the racing a little too close for my liking and causing me to perch on my seat and bite my nails, quite literally.  Sometimes I will watch a pass through the palms of my hands until I am certain my guy came out of the hornet’s nest unscathed and the position was won. But despite all these obvious signs at being what some might very well call a nut, er, I mean super fan, I didn’t get it until I leapt off of my chair after a commercial that aired during the Bud Shootout advertising the upcoming Gatorade Duels, which were scheduled to air the following Thursday.  The reason for my jubilation… the Duels were airing on Thursday, the same day I was scheduled to have my wisdom teeth removed, meaning I would be home from work and able to watch the races.  Only a true diehard NASCAR fan would be excited to have scheduled their oral surgery for a race day.  My jubilation was only partially dampened by the thought that I would likely be a little out of sorts due to the pain meds I would undoubtedly be consuming.

So here’s to the Duels on Thursday and the beginning of a fresh season with unlimited possibilities for my driver and unlimited opportunities for me to incur injury in my fervent following of this sport!

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