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The Las Vegas Racecation Loose Ends Post…With Pictures!

Posted by Amy in General

Okay- So our latest trip to Las Vegas Motor Speedway was jam packed and full of fun. And I just wanted to use this space to tie everything together between the different postings Misty and I wrote regarding the weekend.

Here we are interviewing Tony Stewart at the Office Depot in North Las Vegas. (Photo Credit: Edelman)

So first we had our Tony Stewart interview (our third, Tony’s fifty billionth I am sure) on Thursday at the Office Depot Appearance in North Las Vegas.  As always, Tony was extremely generous with his time and gave us some great answers to our strange mix of questions. You can read our Quick Chat with Tony Stewart here.

Brad presents fans at a campground with some Miller Lite. Photo Credit: Me

On Friday it was practice, qualifying, and riding around in a golf cart delivering Miller Lite with Brad Keselowski to unsuspecting fans in the campgrounds at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.  Yeah we still aren’t sure how it happened either, but we got to ride around in a six seater golf cart with a team of PR people and Brad delivering beer with a SpeedTV film crew following us (literally- they had their own golf cart).  Misty did a great write up of her chat with Brad in the golf cart called All In In Vegas, All In In Racing (What was I doing while Misty was sitting and chatting with brad in the golf cart? Why I was sitting facing out the back- 80s stationwagon style of the same golf cart thinking HOLY CRAP how did we luck into this event- because it was FUN).


Jeff Gordon

Jeff Gordon watches as the crew makes adjustments after he spun in practice on Friday. Photo Credit: Me

Saturday was more practice for the cup drivers and a nationwide race.

Tony Stewart

Tony Stewart shares a smile right before climbing into his car for Saturday Practice. Photo Credit: me

Sunday was the big race. The Kobolt Tools 400.  You can read about my excitement and disappointment regarding the race in the Race 3: Las Vegas post.

Tony Stewart

Tony Stewart hi fives the pit crew of teammate Ryan Newman as he heads out towards the track to race on Sunday. Photo Credit: Me

And now for just some of the nearly 8 gigs of pictures from throughout the weekend:

Matt Kenseth

We happened upon a Matt Kenseth autograph appearance while going to the MGM Grand for dinner on Thursday or Friday night. Photo Credit: Me

Kevin Harvick

Kevin Harvick heads out to practice on Friday. I like the Black on the Bud car. Photo Credit: Me

Jack Roush and Bob Osborne

Jack Roush and Bob Osborne watch Carl Edwards from a top the hauler on Friday. Photo Credit: Me

Chad Knaus and Danica Patrick

Chad Knaus and Danica Patrick watch and listen to Jimmie from on top of the Lowes Hauler on Friday. Photo Credit: Me.

Darian Grubb

Crew Chief Darian Grubb makes notes after coming down off the hauler on Friday. I love this picture mostly because of all the equipment behind Darian. Photo Credit: Me

Tony Stewart and Jimmie Johnson

Tony Stewart and Jimmie Johnson during driver introductions on Sunday. Photo Credit: Me

Thunderbirds Flyover

Thunderbirds flyover. Some dork forgot to take her camera off of landscape pictures when she took this so its a bit blurry. Photo Credit: Me

And now…as a bonus for sticking with me this far? I am going to embed a video that I found while searching youtube. How I came across this I don’t remember but I think I was searching for Tony’s postrace press for Las Vegas. Any way…the first five seconds are pretty darn adorable…and if you haven’t seen the video before it’s funny:

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