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NASCAR Brain Dump…and an assignment for YOU

Posted by Amy in General

So part of the reason I have lacked in posting here lately is that I have too many things swirling around my pea brain that I want to write about- but none of them will flush out into an appropriate full-sized posting. That being said, I have decided to give up trying to make nice single subject posts and give you a NASCAR brain dump, bullets style in hopes that new ideas will stand on their own two feet.  So without further ado…my NASCAR Brain Dump:

  • Tony Stewart fans you have less than a week to enter this month’s 14 for 14 Office Depot Racing contest. This month the prize is a race used lugnut and an autographed picture (to 14 lucky fans).  After you enter the contest be sure to poke around a bit and download a wall paper or Ask Tony a question.
  • Also, while I am on the subject of Tony, don’t forget to buy your raffle ticket (only $25.oo) for the 2011 Convertible Camaro that Tony is giving away- proceeds to benefit The Tony Stewart Foundation. Go to SmokesChevy.com for more information now.
  • There is a great article in the new edition of Sports Life Magazine (the magazine has Danica Patrick on the cover) called the 21 Coolest Things About NASCAR (here’s a link to the article on the author’s blog). Its an interesting article and it has a quote from yours truly (Amy) in it.  Brownie points if you read the article and come back and tell me what you think is the coolest thing about NASCAR…or just tell me you like my quote!
  • Have you noticed that they are making a big deal out of how they are going to nickname Kevin Harvick The Closer instead of Happy?  Just because he won two races in a row? I would be surprised if Junior Nation didn’t want to call him Hated Harvick – only because he took the lead from Junior at Martinsville in the last laps of the race- not because I think he should be hated.  I am still trying to find out why Tony’s Spotter Bob calls Kevin Harvick “Cupcake”. There is a story there I am sure…but then again we might not want to know.  Maybe Kevin Harvick is the driver with the most nicknames…maybe that should be his nickname. Ok now I am just getting silly.
  • The points watcher in me is starting to panic. Tony’s dropping and it’s disheartening to watch.  Not as disheartening as watching him lose at LAS VEGAS…that was sad. But this is worrisome. Junior and Jeff Gordon are going up steadily in the points and Tony’s dropping. ACK. I will try not to obsess about it too much.
  • When you are attending a race, do you let race traffic influence how good or bad of a time you had a said race? I am just wondering this because apparently traffic at Texas is expected to be an issue judging by the tweets I am reading.  I mean- I don’t know how anyone can go to a large sporting event such as a race and NOT expect traffic.  Figure a race has 100,000 attendees.  Average 3 people per car – that’s still 33, 333 cars.  All trying to enter or exit a track facility at the same time.  Personal experience wise- it’s taken me anywhere from 5 minutes (the parking gods were good that day) to 2+ hours to get out of a track and on the road.  I think it was Las Vegas the first time…I sat in the same spot in a parking lot trying to get out for this long: I had time to watch the fellows parked in the aisle I was driving down arrive at their vehicle, watch them set up their grill and table, grill some steaks, drink some beverages, and then sit down at a little camp table and eat their steaks. I didn’t let that influence how I felt about the race though.
  • One of my favorite parts of pre-race is watching the teams do their individual prayer huddles:

Photo Credit: Borrowed from TonyStewart.com….shamelessly
  •  Assignment for you: Tell me WHY you love your favorite driver….whomever that may be. What made you a fan? What keeps you a fan?

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3 Responses

  • Trixie says:

    Last time I went to the race in Texas, traffic was crazy both going and coming day of the race. HOwever, they do a good job getting everyone in and out of there. Besides, we usually tailgate after the race and let the traffic die down.

    I did read the article where you were quote. It was a great article.

    My favorite driver, as you know, is Tony Stewart. I like him because he is the type of driver I think I would be if I were a driver in NASCAR. He knows what he wants and knows how to get it. He’s not afraid to be aggressive when he has to be and knows when to step back. He is his own man. And I that is pretty much what I like about him.

  • Lisa Wight says:

    When Eben (now 13 years old) was 2 or 3, my husband Dwane was working for MBNA. We went to some sort of event at the MBNA in Delaware (we’re in Maine), and they had all of MBNA’s sponsored vehicles in the parking lot. Coach Gibbs was there signing autographs. We were not Nascar fans at this point, but since Eben was a little boy, we obviously could not just walk by without taking a peek at all of the cars. And, lo and behold, the Interstate Batteries car was green! Green was Eben’s favorite color, so we just decided that we would cheer for Bobby Labonte, the driver of the green car, and the driver sponsored by Dwane’s employer. It just made sense. Bobby then had a year or two of being fairly successful, and then changed teams, and changed teams again. We keep rooting for him, though, as he shares our Christian faith, and we like how the sportscasters always call him polite, and that he is a driver that “takes care of his equipment”. (We also like Tony Stewart, because he was Bobby’s teammate at the time, even though I think they may be polar opposites in demeanor and driving styles.) How’s that for writing a book, Amy?

  • Kevin says:

    Tony Stewart had been my second favorite from 1999 to 2001. After Daytona 2001 he became my favorite active driver and has since then become my favorite all time.
    One of the first things to get my attention about Smoke was he is from Indiana like myself. He is aggressive on the track and did not take anything from any one. Some times that is not a good thing but I stood by him as my favorite then as well. I even stood by him when JGR switched to Toyota.
    When he went over and joined Haas, I will admit I was a bit worried but it’s turned out so well. You can put Tony in anything on 4 wheels and he can win in it. He has won
    I have meet him on a few times and he is very nice in person. I am not talking about at a sponsor appearance, I mean in his private life. He even explained how to play Roulette to a friend and myself in Las Vegas. He talked to us like normal people and seemed to enjoy it.
    His charity work is beyond what any one could want from an athlete. He uses the same passion he brings to racing to his Foundations work. He helps animals, war vets, kids, injured race car drivers and others in ways that put most others to shame. I think all other sports stars need to take a page from this part of Tony’s book.
    All of these put together make him my favorite driver. He may be rough around the edges but edges barely count, it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

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