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EFX Performance Partners with Stewart-Haas Racing and Hendrick Motorsports

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I became familiar with EFX Perfomance probably about a year ago when I noticed Tony Stewart had been wearing a necklace and I could tell it had letters on it but from the pictures I had seen- I couldn’t tell WHAT it said.  I asked a fellow blogger (who was interviewing about to interview him) to see if she could find out what it said/what it was- and she kindly did.  So I am NOT surprised that I saw the press release last week come across my desk stating that EFX  Perfomance had developed a partnership with Stewart-Haas Racing and Hendrick Motorsports to bring driver specific bracelets available for purchase. 

First off let’s start of with the basicas.  What is EFX Perfomance? Well, taken straight from their website:

EFX  was founded in 2009 with the goal of promoting its products in the wellness and athletic performance markets. EFX technology is imbedded in a line of products such as wristbands, necklaces, jewelry, and clothing.

Basically- their products contain are marketed to help athletes with balance, strength and endurance.  You can see their full line of products available at their website: EFX PERFORMANCE (efxusa.com).

The partnership with Stewart-Haas and Hendrick will market driver branded bracelet bands:

EFX Driver Bands

The bands will have the driver number on one side and the EFX logo on the other and will be available for purchase from their website sometime this month (possibly as soon as the end of this week).  Like I said the thing that fascinated me about this partnership is that I saw Tony wearing his necklace long before the partnership.  Several weeks ago I noticed Ryan Newman wearing one (a different style) as well.  Don’t believe me? Listen to Ryan Newman talk about his experience with EFX:



The best part of these is that I think they are a great way to proudly show off your favorite driver:

Tony Stewart EFX bracelet

EFX Perfomance is based in Mission Viejo (practically in my backyard) so while I am waiting for the driver bands I was perusing their exisiting products and found that they even have one available in a pet tag. I might have to pick up Roxy one of those. She is getting up there in age and while she absolutely LOVES to run and chase balls and puts her ALL into it.  So I might just pick her one up when I order my driver band!

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