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All-Star Race MishMash

Posted by Amy in General | NASCAR

My mishmash of thoughts on the All-Star Race:

Ok- who ever decided that Jimmie Johnson should switch to the number 5 for the all-star race? That confused my feeble mind- and I can’t imagine that others might have been confused too- especially if they happened into the race without watching pre-race.  I understand the concept behind why it was done (to promote sponsor Lowe’s 5% off program) but Jimmie is the 48.  And forget about trying to find Mark Martin’s car at a quick glance- 25 with a different sponsor made it impossible.

Speaking of alternate paint schemes Tony was running the yellow burger king paint scheme. I also found it hard to find on track, no doubt because my brain is trained to look for RED (after years of being trained to scan for orange) but I liked it because I have a thing for yellow cars:

(Photo by John Harrelson/Getty Images North America)

Speaking of Stewart-Haas Racing- The #14 pit crew made it all the way too the semi-finals of the All Star Pit Crew Challenge and the number 14 pit crew picked up THREE individual awards! Go Team 14! Special congratulations to Mike Casto (Jackman), Rick Pigeon (Gas Can), and Ryan Flores (Second Gas Can) on their individual awards!

(Photo by Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images North America)

Notes on the All-Star Race:

  1. To make the All-Star race a little more exciting I have a suggestion: Make the 10 minute stop earlier in the race, change it to a 5 minute stop and require that drivers get out of the car and stand at a specific place on the pit wall.  At the end of the five minutes, fire a gun and require drivers to run to their car to strap themselves in and take off from the pits, like a teeny footrace combined with a standing start.  Okay…I kid. Kinda. In all seriousness though?  I think the segments should be cut down to two- trying to force strategy doesn’t work.
  2. If you, like me, where wondering what the heck happened to Jeff Gordon during that last pit stop? Apparently his tire carrier got clipped by teammate Jimmie Johnson who was exciting thus destroying his pit stop.

Ok and I just have to share with you this photo from the All-Star Race qualifying. I think it is an AWESOME pose. Between his stance, his expression and the angle of the photo he looks totally like he’s striking a superhero pose, don’t you think?

Anyone got a witty superhero-esque caption?? (Photo by Jason Smith/Getty Images North America)

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