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Tony Stewart Gives The Gift Of Technology

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When I was in college, I went in thinking I wanted to be a grammar school teacher.  The university I attended was implementing a program that required so many hours of volunteer work related to your major to graduate.  All of my volunteer experiences through the university were school and education related.  My favorite volunteer experience had me at a local elementary school  that had a special grant to implement technology education in that school.  Basically I worked with a small group of children in a fairly state of the art (at the time) computer lab helping them research a topic (they had to pick a sea creature…whales, dolphins and the like) and use the computers to make a multimedia presentation about the sea creature they picked.  It was a great experience to see children- some who had never even seen a computer before- learn to use and get comfortable with technology.  Turns out that after graduation I discovered that teaching wasn’t actually my bag (hats off to those of you who do teach) so I dropped out of the teaching certification program.  However,  I still work in an educational/technology environment.

Technology changes so rapidly that the minute you commit to buying a piece of technology- chances are there is a new version in the works before you walk out the door.  That is why it is so easy for schools to fall behind when it comes to technology. It’s expensive to just keep up as a person.  Schools who are facing shrinking budgets as government funding becomes tighter and tighter and things like art, music and technology programs are usually the first to go.

That is why I LOVE that Tony Stewart spent part of his day yesterday at Collinswood Language Academy (a K-6 magnet school in Charlotte, NC) helping sponsor Office Depot donate technology to the school.

Tony Stewart and Principal of Collinswood Language Academy Nicolette Grant (Photo Credit: Action Sports Photography)

Collinswood Language Academy received 10 Lenovo ThinkPad Edge laptop computers, three All-In-One printers from Lexmark and support from the experts from Office Depot’s Tech Depot Services available at all of the retailer’s Charlotte-area stores. Collinswood Language Academy is a dual-language school and laptops are equipped with Webcam technology, providing them with an interactive means to interview potential staff via Skype through the Visiting International Faculty Program (there are currently eight VIF teachers at Collinswood Language Academy).

Tony Stewart Presents The Collinswood Language Academy with a Technology Makeover. (Photo Credit: Action Sports Photography)

“I’m so excited to help Office Depot give the deserving teachers and students at Collinswood Language Academy a technology makeover,” Stewart said. “I’ve always believed that education is the foundation to success – no matter what career path you choose – and it’s important for teachers and students to have the tools they need to succeed, especially when it comes to technology.”

So kudos to Tony Stewart and his sponsor Office Depot for helping keep technology in the schools.

Student Body of Collinswood Language Academy (and Tony Stewart way in the back). (Photo Credit: Action Sports Photography)

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