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Of Bloodied Oranges and McLarens…(and Tony Stewart Posters and Tshirts)

Posted by Amy in General | NASCAR

The GLADES on A&E is one of my favorite summertime shows. I got hooked on it last season one day when I just happened to leave the TV on A&E. If there is nothing else on- the TV is usually on Speed, A&E, or HISTORY. Likely because those are the HD channels that have the coolest shows. So when I found out back in April that Tony and a bunch of other NASCAR drivers were filming an episode of THE GLADES I was totally stoked (although as I mentioned before- I initially was excited because I thought Tony was filming an Office Depot commercial). I still am excited about the The Glades (although how cool would a Tony Stewart Office Depot commercial be?). So yesterday when Stewart Haas Racing tweeted a tiny sneak peek of the special paint scheme Tony would be running this weekend in Kansas:

The Glades logo. (photo by: Stewart-Haas Racing)

I squealed because I recognized the teaser shot right away (I am a geek like that) and somehow it had slipped by me that there was going to be a GLADES car.  Then when they tweeted the full view of the Glades/Office Depot car…I fell in love with this paint scheme. It has to be one of the best paint schemes. I just love it:

The Glades/Office Depot Chevy (Photo by: Stewart-Haas Racing)

Is that NOT a beautiful car? I LOVE IT and this would be another must-have diecast for me if it’s made into one. (hint hint A&E).

There is also a straight on shot of the car, and a shot of the TV panel if you are interested- also tweeted by Stewart-Haas Racing (@StewartHaasRcng).


Also just throwing this out there because I SOOO wish I could be at the Mobil 1 F1 swap at Watkins Glen.  I found a great video on the Mobil 1 Grid1 TV site discussing the logistics behind the  Stewart/Hamilton F1 -NASCAR swap.  I tried to embed it but it just doesn’t embed for me but here is the link to the video. Anyway the video has some interesting insight.  I want you to watch it and tell me if you think there is anything thank made you go HUH? during the video.  I had a major HUH? moment and I just want to know if it’s the same.

Also- the coupon for this month’s poster is available for download from the Office Depot Racing website! It’s another good month!!! Download it here.

And while you are over there at the Office Depot Racing website, don’t forget to enter the 14for14 contest.  This month 14 winners will receive an autographed Office Depot Racing t-shirt.  You have until June 14th to enter.

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