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Sackpacks and Tattoos and Camaros, Oh My! (It’s All About Tony- Well Mostly)

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Last week I talked about a sackpack donation event where Tony Stewart helped the Office Depot Foundation donate 5000 sackpacks filled with school supplies to Indiana children.  In my post I mentioned the excitement on the face of one little girl in the big group picture and how I could just TELL that she was excited to get her sack pack. Well I was forwarded this picture today of that same little girl proudly posing with her sack pack…is she not adorable and obviously happy?

You can see the excitement and pride in this young lady's face as she poses with her brand new sack pack filled with school supplies courtesy of The Office Depot Foundation. (Photo Credit: Leon Rubin)

This is what makes the  Office Depot Foundations so great. It not only gives children the actual tools they need to succeed in school but it also gives them the confidence! I just had to share that with you.


Other Tony related items:

Here is an article about what tattoo artist Corey Miller (from LA Ink fame) has been doing while the show is on hiatus. Why am I linking to this? Because there is a picture of Corey tattooing none other that Tony Stewart. I admit I have been curious about Tony’s tattoo since I heard about it back in late February. Well you can get a little peek of it as it’s being done in the picture.  I do admit would like to see the finished work to see if what I have been picturing in my head is accurate.

Next I want to remind you Smoke fans to enter the Office Depot Racing website’s 14for14 contest for this month. You have until August 14th to enter to win this month’s prize. Fourteen lucky fans will win an team hat signed by Tony! You can’t win if you don’t enter so do it now!

Also don’t forget that the Tony Stewart Checkered Flag Friday ebay auction for August starts Friday and will be open for one week.  This monthly auction starts the first Friday of every month and features great items with starting bids for all budgets. Items are usually Tony Stewart centric and many include autographs.  I have actually taken part in these auctions before. Its a great way to get some one of a kind Tony Stewart items all while helping the Tony Stewart Foundation at the same time (100% of proceeds from the auctions go directly to the Tony Stewart Foundation which helps children, animals and injured drivers.  Check out the Tony Stewart Foundation Checkered Flag Friday Auction site on ebay for more information and to bid!

There is also still time to get  your raffle ticket to win the 2011 Convertible Camaro that the Tony Stewart foundation is raffling off.  There are also two great runner up prizes…a VIP NASCAR package and a VIP Eldora race package!  Raffle tickets are just $25.00 each this year and will be onsale through 1:00am November 1st. Visit www.smokeschevy.com for more information and to purchase your raffle ticket. You could be driving away in a beautiful 2011 convertible Chevy Camaro.

And one more TSF item- they will be helping Happy Hallow Children’s camp through the Mallow Run Winery 5K Run / Walk.  If you are anywhere near Bargersville, Indiana on October 1st you should consider registering for the walk/run (or if you aren’t in the area you can donate to the TSF). For more information or to register for the 5K go here.

Coming some time next week (besides our usual race report) will be a Tony Stewart 1:64 diecast give away right here on BadGroove so keep your eyes open for that.

In closing I just want to apologize for the lack of posts (also- imagine a gigantic sigh) but it’s just been one of those kind of weeks.  The minute I sat down in my chair at work on Monday morning,  I felt like I had been body slammed by “The Man*.” Work was crazy busy.  This happens sometimes in my field so don’t feel too sorry for me, but this time it was unexpected and a little ugly at times.


*Just to make things perfectly clear when I say “The Man” I am not referring to a specific man. I am referring THE MAN as defined by Urban Dictionary (in particular 2.2). At no time has any man body slammed me since my little brother and I gave up physical rumble tumble altercations (ie- when he got bigger than me- damn my parents were right when they warned me “you should be careful because some day he will be bigger than you”).

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