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My Favorites and A Contest!

Posted by Amy in Contests | General | NASCAR

Truth be told, I have a relatively small Tony Stewart collection  Just a couple of shelves crowded with stuff and another shelf in my office at work- plus a full-size Standee of Tony that stands in my office at work (because my poor dog was scared of the standee). That’s it.

That’s not t say that I don’t have some favorite items in that collection. I have two favorites…where if the house was burning down I would try to save first (after family and Roxy of course).  It’s funny because both of them are favorites of mine more because of the story involved in them then the actual item itself.

Let me show you the first one:

10 Years @ JGR (Photo Credit: Ralph Marbach for Badgroove.com because everytime I took a picture of it - I got horrendous glare- of course I didn't remove it from the wall because it weighs about 40 lbs).

This is my 10 Years at JGR poster that I had Tony sign at the Home Depot in Pleasanton in advance of the 2008 race at Infineon. I had taken the day off to go up to Pleasanton to have it signed by Tony.  The following weekend I took my prized poster in to be professionally framed. I picked out a silver frame and a black mat with orange accent mat.  I forked over a small fortune and waited the 10 days before it would be completed.  I when I picked it it- I was instantly in love with it despite one glaring error.  They framed it with an ORANGE mat with black accent mat.  But I think it looked even better that way then the way I had envisioned it.  The sucker hangs prominently and weighs a ton so if there is ever an earthquake and I am anywhere near it I will probably die if it comes down on top of me. Don’t even get on me about how Home Depot is not his sponsor anymore. I know that. But I still love it and I paid a pretty penny not to have it proudly grace my walls.

My second favorite is an item I won off of eBay from the Tony Stewart Foundation.  It’s an autographed Victory Lane picture from the Kansas 2009 win:

My Kansas 2009 Win Photo Inscription: To Amy Your tenacious stalwart support rocks!!

Now this one is a favorite because of the story around it.  All I can say is it involved somewhat of a dare and after having our original inscription denied, some bantering back and forth between Misty and I on what it should actually say. Due to the dare- Misty got to choose the inscription.

So those are my favorites.  What are yours? Is there a story behind it?


And now for the contest. I ordered two 1:64 diecasts of the KHI #4 Oreos car that Tony drove at Daytona:

You can win this 1:64 diecast of the KHI Nationwide car Tony drove at Daytona. (crappy cell phone picture by me)

So I thought I would give one away.  To enter this contest all you have to do is leave a comment on this post.  The winner will be chosen by random draw.  You have until midnight (pacific time) on August 31st, 2011 to leave your comment on this post to be eligible for the drawing.  You can comment as many times as you want BUT will only be entered in the drawing once.  You must leave a valid email address in your comment so that I may contact you for your mailing information.  Good luck!

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7 Responses

  • Justin Lull says:

    i would love to win this contest

  • Deborah Robberson says:

    this would make a great gift for my husband’s b-day

  • Jamie says:

    My favorite Tony Stewart moment was literally bumping into him at Talladega on pit road last fall! What a smile that man has! I don’t have any Tony memorabilia but I have to say my favorite that I do have is a signed bottled of Junior Johnson moonshine! I stood in line at a liquor store in Bristol and actually had the man himself sign my bottle! I was almost speechless and that’s rare for me! LOL That was four years ago and the seal is still intact…I promise! :-)

  • Billie Samuelson (14_4me) says:

    Hey there! Ya know I’d love this!!!!

  • Kevin says:

    My two favorite items that are my Orange Lightsaber I had Smoke signed in Vegas in 2003 and my display case that has in it the following; My ticket for the 2005 Brickyard 400, a 1/24 raced version of the 2005 Win car, my ticket for the 2007 Brickyard 400, the raced version of that win car, the special photo car that Action had of the 2005 win and a special envelope that the USPS did after the 2005 race.

  • Trixie says:

    I can say I have not met Tony Stewart or come within any kind of opportunity to meet him. However, I do have one Tony Stewart item that I would probably carry with me out of my burning house. I have a life size cut out of Tony Stewart. This was the coveted birthday gift for myself. For months every time my hubby and I went into the NASCAR store, he would be conveniently reminded my birthday was just around the corner and I had the PERFECT gift for him to purchase for me for said birthday. Even our friends who owned the store would nudge him every time he came in the store. Long story short…he somehow didn’t get the message and I had to purchase Tony for my collection.

    As payback, I set up Tony where you could see him from the NASCAR room every time you walked through the front door. Because of this one night the cutout scared the living daylights out of my hubby. He thought it was a burglar. Sometimes you have to learn…you just don’t mess with Tony Stewart fans.

    That’s all I got!

  • Charity says:

    My favorite piece of Tony Stewart memorabilia? That is a very good question. I have several things – a shot glass, 12-can cooler (two different ones no less), duffel bag – cars ( if I can remember where I put them) – I have so much stuff I’d never get it all out in a fire! :)

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