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Sights from Car Week on the Monterey Penninsula

Posted by Amy in General

Car Week on the Monterey Pennisula has a little bit for everyone. It ran August 15-21st. There are the historics racing at Laguna Seca (Mazda Raceway now), there were car shows and auctions everywhere.  If you like cars…chances are there was SOMETHING here for you.  I decided to take in what I could for free one Saturday- just to see what I could see.

(Lots of photos after the jump)

Dashboard of the 1959 Competition Corvette (Photo Credit: Amy Marbach)

This Mercedes sold at auction for either $7 or $9 million dollars. Its just impossible for me to wrap my head around that! (Photo Credit: Ralph Marbach for BadGroove)

There were even gojacks tucked in the corner. (Photo Credit: Amy Marbach)

A Lincoln previously owned by Toby Keith was up for auction. I wonder if it came with the standee? (Photo Credit: Ralph Marbach for BadGroove)

I LOVE Chevy Nomads. I want to own a yellow one! (Photo Credit: Amy Marbach)

While walking through one of the parking garages full of auction cars- I was surprised to see Alan Kulwicki's 1992 Ford Thunderbird race car up for auction! (photo credit: Ralph Marbach for Badgroove)

Sponsors on Alan Kulwicki's 1992 stock car. (Photo Credit: Amy Marbach)

I fell in love with the REO Speed Wagon Pickup! (Photo Credit: Amy Marbach)

REO Speed Wagon Dashboard (Photo Credit: Amy Marbach)

You can see more of my photos from Car Week in my Car Week FaceBook photo album.

And the whole reason I wanted to go to car week? Was to see the DeLorean from the Back To The Future Franchise of course:

One of three DeLoreans from the Back To The Future movie franchise. (Photo Credit: Amy Marbach)

You can see more photos of the DeLorean here in my DeLorean facebook album.

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