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Race 25: WhooHoo on a Tuesday (The Atlanta Race)

Posted by Amy in General | NASCAR

I haven’t even watched the Atlanta race yet (thank goodness for DVRs apparently I won’t be watching it because my DVR decided to ignore my command to record the race this morning. Bad DVR- No biscuit) but as I told Misty on the phone earlier…never in my life has a 3rd place finish put me in such a good mood as Tony’s finish today in Atlanta!

Because it’s the first day back to the grind after a three-day weekend, my morning at work was kind of crazy busy. Add into the mix the fact that I forgot to charge my phone last night so I knew I didn’t have enough battery to use the Sprint Cup Mobil ap to listen. And my evil computer at work is 6 years old and slowly dying so multitasking right now is not it’s strong suit. Really the only thing I did during the race is during lulls at work there were times I could coax my dying computer to bring up NASCAR.COM’s leaderboard. The first several times I peeked Tony was somewhere in the top 10. Yey Tony. Then I peeked and he was somewhere in the teens and the race was red flagged. Then I peeked again and he was 25th.

Tony Stewart, driver of the #14 Office Depot/Mobil 1 Chevrolet, practices for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series AdvoCare 500 at Atlanta Motor Speedway. (Photo Credit: Chris Graythen/Getty Images North America)

I left for lunch and went to the grocery store rushing around like a mad woman trying to remember everything I needed because I forgot my list at work (I did good- I remembered everything). I checked out, during which time the clerk at the store decided to shove all my groceries into two bags…so that meant I had two bags that weighed half a ton each…I am surprised I was able to get the bags to my car without them breaking. I just sat down in the drivers seat and my cell phone rang. It was Misty so I picked it it and she asks “Do you know what happened? Who won?” and I said “Um no.” She proceeded to tell me that Jeff won and that it was between him and Jimmie and that it was a heck of a race in the end. (I sighed to myself at this point and started feeling my heart start sinking in regards to Tony’s finish). She then queried me “Guess where Tony finished.” all I could muster in response was “I have no idea” but worried internally that it wasn’t good because the last think I saw he was 25th. She said “Friend! He finished 3rd!!!” I am pretty sure I squealed. It was at this point that I burst out with the “I don’t think I have ever been so glad to finish third before in my life” quote that made Misty chuckle. She knew what I meant.

So what is even better? Is that the small business Huckleberry Pets that was featured on Tony’s car won the use of the Official Small Business of Office Depot Courtesy of Office Depot award! So a REALLY big congratulations to Huckleberry Pets! I have to admit- that while this is a great contest – I always root for the small business on Tony’s car…just because I am competitive like that.

Tony Stewart, and Kacie Howard, owner of Huckleberry Pets, the newest Official Small Business of NASCAR. (Photo Credit: Action Sports Photography)

So I am hearing that Tony just needs to finish 18th or better at Richmond to retain his position in the Chase (FINGERS CROSSED).


  1. Well I don’t really have any about Atlanta thanks to the dvr failing to record my race. URG. Dumb dvr.
  2. Something that I have been trying to like, I really have been, is the new (not really so knew because I have been trying to get use to it and like it) NASCAR.COM layout. I have to say it is not so user friendly.  I hate having to search for things.  AND THE AD for the SPRINT SHOWDOWN that was running? WAS the most obnoxious ad ever. I DESPISE ads that take over the whole damn page like that. The SONS of ANARCHY ad they were running today was just as annoying.  HATE THAT.  Just saying.


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  • Charity says:

    Seriously, I can’t even begin to comment on the stupid new layout at NASCAR.com. Other than I loathe it. They’ve made it almost impossible to find anything there. :P

    We didn’t get to watch the race here, but we did follow the leaderboards and a huge cheer went up when Tony got 3rd place. :D Now, if he can just keep that Chase spot, everything will be good!

  • Billie Samuelson (14_4me) says:

    I got to watch it tonight and I’m so glad I didn’t check my twitter or my FB or anything else. I am so very happy for 3rd place and that battle for the win was entertaining enough that I was even more happy than usual with 3rd. Those points to stay ahead of the #2 are enough to stop me from sweating until Richmond!!!
    Congrats to Tony! To Stewart-Haas Racing in General and to Ryan Newman for clinching his spot! This point system has sure made it interesting this year! Good job!

  • Lisa Harrell says:

    Saw Tony Stewart cut the Ribbon for the Grand Opening at Office Depot Wednesday in Roswell ,Ga. He was giving out bookbags to Foster and homeless Children and it was so Awesome. Love the way he supports Kids and Animals…

  • Kevin says:

    All I have to say is, he went from 8th with ten laps to go and finished 3rd. They of course only showed Johnson and Gordon up front the last ten laps. I was watching and not checking the ticker and when I saw Smoke come across the line I looked up and he was third. I could not believe he made up that much ground and was gaining on the leaders. Awesome run.

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