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Woman Loses And Gets Wedding Ring Back NASCAR Style

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I am terrible for losing things. Ask anyone who knows me well and they can detail stories of me losing everything from concert tickets, to driving instructions, to misplacing valuables like my watch, my camera, and jewelry.  So I can really  feel for the woman who lost her wedding ring somewhere at Michigan International Raceway.  It all started with applying her sunscreen that morning.  Andrea Wieland slipped her wedding ring into her camera case as she applied her sunscreen the morning of the Pure Michigan 400 August 21st.  She then proceeded to walk the garage area taking in the sights.  When she looked for her ring- it was gone- fallen somewhere in the garage area at Michigan Speedway.  Andrea and her friend Cheryl Ruse did their best to retrace their steps and look for the ring.  However- Michigan Speedway is a 1400  acre property- talk about trying to find a needle in a haystack.

Andrea Wieland's wedding ring that was lost and found at Michigan (Photo Credit: Andrea Wieland)

I can’t imagine the feeling of losing something so precious:

“I was frantic. I’ve been attending races at MIS for the past five or six years and have always had a great time. This time, because of my own doing, I was upset because I had lost a ring I’ve cherished for 16 years of marriage.” Andrea Wieland

Eventually Wieland went about her day at the track, sure the ring was gone.  Unbeknownst to her, a member of Brian Vicker’s Red Bull Racing pit crew, found her ring, picked it up and vowed to try to reunite the ring with it’s owner.  Fast forward the drive home after the race, Wieland posted the following on the Speedway’s FaceBook page via her mobile phone:

“Anyone who may have been in the garage area at MIS and may have found a wedding ring with 13 diamonds in it that includes the big center diamond PLEASE message me through Facebook!”

Amanda Day, MIS Media Director, happened to see her message on the Speedway’s Facebook page, and a couple of days later, when she received a call from North Carolina from the pit crew member with the ring she just had to put the crew member in touch with Wieland.  Just a few days after losing the ring, Wieland had the ring back safely on her hand.

“It tells you a lot about everyone involved in the sport of NASCAR. Whether you are a fan, NASCAR team crew member or MIS staffer, everyone just cares about one another like a big family. I don’t think the same thing would have happened at another major sporting event. That’s what separates MIS and NASCAR racing from the rest!” Andrea Wieland

While many will think that this is just a feel good story, and that Wieland was very lucky to get her ring back, I don’t think NASCAR fans are surprised.  This is one of the things about our sport that draws fans to it.  People care.

Andrea Wieland with Michigan Speedway President Roger Curtis taken during the Pure Michigan 400 Weekend. (photo credit: Andrea Wieland)

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