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The Big 1000th and some NASCAR Babbling

Posted by Amy in General | NASCAR

So this is the 1000th post on BadGroove.  Actually if you want to be all technical about it, the post announcing Tony’s Chicago autograph session (pictures of this coming soon) was the 1000th post that was posted. But this post was in draft form before that one with this title so I still like to think of this as the the big 1000- don’t you? I definitely do. I think I should get a present!  What do you get a blogger for their 1000th post? Let me guess, um, a swift kick in the rear right? If that is the case, I will pass on the present.

So this is no doubt going to be one of those babbling mish/mash posts where I talk about various things…some Tony related, some not.  First order of business is this picture from last weekend at Richmond:

Caption: You have how many blog posts- don’t you have anything better to do?

There is just something about Tony's expression in this picture that makes me giggle. (Blatantly stolen from tonystewart.com who attributes the photo to Andrew Coppley/CIA)

Ok now that we have that out of the way- on to the rest of my mish mash of thoughts:

  1. Did Paul Menard spin out on purpose? Well really only Paul knows for sure.  But I am disappointed if he did. What do YOU think? Did he do it on purpose? I admit I really like the Tony Stewart quote about it in this NASCAR.COM article: “I don’t even want to think about it happening because I pride myself on racing the guys and everybody racing everybody fair. I hope we never have to worry about that.” — Tony Stewart.  There is also a great article from the NASCAR INSIDERS about the incident- complete with some links to the audio so you can decide for yourself.
  2. There is a little coffee shop downstairs in the building I work in- they are no Starbucks that is for sure but in pinch it will do. I went through it on my in because I was dog tired this morning. I thought about asking them to insert a direct caffeine drip into my arm. Anyway- I hand the guy my ATM card because, as usual, I have no cash on me.  He hands my ATM card back and says to me “So Tony made it!” all uber excited- because he is probably well caffeinated and not TIRED and GRUMPY like I am.  At first it takes me a minute to figure out what he is talking about AT ALL then it dawns on me that he is talking about Tony Stewart making the Chase. I quickly grumbled something back about “yeah barely” (I felt kinda bad because I am usually all SUNSHINE AND ROSES about how Tony can still win and I was really excited that he made the chase, but again I was TIRED and GRUMPY) and he, in his exuberance was all “Yeah but he made it and that is what counts!”  Which surprised me because this meant that he actually had knowledge of how the chase works.   Anyway, I frequent this little coffee shop maybe once a month if that and it’s always someone different working, so I couldn’t figure out HOW the heck he knew I was a Tony Stewart fan. It’s not like I was wearing anything that said Tony Stewart on it- unless I got a tattoo on my forehead last night but I didn’t sleep well so I am pretty sure I would remember that.  Well, I was all the way up on the third floor walking down the hallway to my office when it dawns on me it was because of my ATM card– I have Bank of America’s NASCAR Banking and my ATM card is Tony’s car. DUH!
  3. I haven’t been talking much about my NASCAR fantasy team- but I am actually doing pretty good right now. I am currently ranked 30th (out of 110 teams)- which is AWESOME to me considering that earlier in the season I think I was somewhere in the 78th position or something like that.  And FOUR of my SIX drivers made the chase…so I did pretty damn good picking drivers when you consider that I DO NOT have Jimmie Johnson or Kyle Busch.  I wish I could say the same thing about my damn Survivor football pool…I already have one loss (in this particular league you are knocked out after your second loss).  So BOO football…there is a reason I like NASCAR better!

I know that there was something else I wanted to tell you about but I can’t remember that for the life of me now. So don’t forget to watch the Chicagoland race on Sunday…#KeepDiggingTony…and watch soon for pictures from the Office Depot Appearance from yesterday!

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