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Links In The Chain Of My Brain…

Posted by Amy in General | NASCAR

So here are some little snippits of things that have been rolling around in my brain today- things that I wanted to share but didn’t necessarily need a post of it’s own. Some are NASCAR related…some are not. That is just how my brain rolls.

  1. Scott and Amanda Speed welcomed their baby girl Juliet into the world today! Congratulations. Cute picture of baby Juliet tweeted here by proud papa Scott.
  2. Also from Twitter- a cool video of the #14 pit crew practicing posted here on youtube.
  3. Tire testing and EFI testing has been going on at Phoenix International Raceway. That is my FAVORITE track that I have actually been to so I have been wondering if it’s changed a lot since the repave/reconfiguration that it’s gone through.  I have been searching and hoping to find some quotes from Tony on what he thinks of the “new” PIR.  No luck so far…sigh. He’s been to both tests now at PIR- but not ONE quote about the track? Bah!
  4. Fantasy league update- I am still 14th in my NASCAR fantasy league (go me!) and I am 214 points out of first- a good omen for Tony Stewart I can only hope (you KNOW he’s one of my six drivers don’t you? If you can guess my entire six driver line up- I will give you undying respect and tons of brownie points- which unfortunately are not redeemable for cash…or brownies).
  5. My football survivor league? I am still holding my head above water but if I pick a losing team I am so out.  So I was thinking of going with the NY Giants this week? A good choice? Yes? No? (I can’t pick- Pittsburg, Kansas City, Tampa Bay, or San Diego).
  6. Have you ever watched Pass Time on SpeedTV? It’s a game show where contestants guess the time it takes a specific vehicle to go down a quarter mile- like a drag race?  Admittedly I don’t watch it very often but I happen to be watching it with my dad earlier in the week- and we were making a game out yelling out our times and seeing who was closest.  I kicked his butt through two half-hour episodes.  The only time I had any trouble was when the car was shooting nitrous or on silly things like bikes.  I don’t know if it was just luck or what (we don’t wait for them to show the contestants times- we just shout out our times when we hear about the car) but he was quite disgruntled that I beat him- too bad I wasn’t really on the show I could have walked away with 2 grand!  He accused me of having seen the episodes before. I had not. I think that is only like the second or third time I have even watched the show. Of course I then kicked his butt at both Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune so he was disgruntled time three.
  7. I need some new tunes…anyone got some suggestions? What are you listening to?
  8. A picture that I took. It has nothing to do with Tony Stewart or racing at all. I took it as part of an assignment for an online photography class I am taking.  I just like it and it goes well with the title of the post!

Elevate The Ordinary: link in the chain

Oh okay if you insist. Here is a great picture of Roxy I took as well:

Best Roxy Picture Ever


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  • Charity says:

    Right now I’m listening to a couple of newer bands – My Darkest Days (who are getting ready to record their 2nd CD) and 9 Left Dead (who just released their 1st CD). Both are really great rock bands. :)

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