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Chase Race 4: Kansas (This One Comes With A Warning)

Posted by Amy in General | NASCAR | Roxy

Warning: Thar be curse words ahead…ones that start with F so if you are sensitive to that (even though they are totally necessary) here is a link to a picture of Roxy (my adorable beagle) in my Flickr account that you can look at instead of reading this post that has a few F-words in it (I really did try to write this without the curse words…but it doesn’t have the same impact nor did it feel as cathartic):

There is a reason I don’t post my race reviews directly after races.  It’s not that I don’t have the time, I usually do, unless there is some sort of weather delay or something that has made the race eat up a majority or my day. The reason I don’t post directly (same thing with why I don’t live blog races) would be because if I had posted right after the Kansas 2 race it would have read something like this:

Okay people answer me this: What the fuck was with that four tire change at the second to last pit stop? And then? What the fuckin’ fuck was with coming in at all for the last pit stop- when we had FOUR fresh tires and most likely enough fuel because of the previous stop? And what the fuckity fuck fuck fuck was with Tony’s car being SIDEWAYS in his pit stall on that last pit stop?  Explain this to me in a way that makes me feel better about the outcome of the Kansas race and you might win some brownie points or something.

Tony Stewart, driver of the #14 Office Depot/Mobil 1 Chevrolet, stands in the garage during practice at Kansas Speedway on October 8, 2011 in Kansas City, Kansas. (Photo Credit: Jamie Squire/Getty Images North America)

I am not even kidding- the post totally would have sounded like that if I had written it yesterday. I still have a lot of the same feelings that I had up there in that italicized post now- over a day later.  So I am obviously finding it very hard to find the sunny side in the events that unfolded over the last part of that race on Sunday.  I mean I sat there and pretty much watched Tony work his way up the field steadily during the first have of the race.  I was over the moon happy when we were second…then it all went down hill.

I am nothing if not a passionate, loyal to my driver fan.  After watching Tony Stewart and the 14 crew work all day to get that car up into second place- then to have it all fall apart…well that killed me.  I pretty much stomped out of the room- a sore loser you may say.  I am not saying Tony should have won…Jimmie obviously had a far superior car judging by the way he would pull out and just totally take everyone to school with his lead.  I do not begrudge Jimmie Johnson his win any more than I begrudge Chad Knaus’s pink hat (you can buy one here), but Tony had a STRONG car and had a STRONG will to be there in second.  It was one of those races where I wished I had been crocheting during the race (I do that sometimes) because I would have had something nearby that was soft and cushy that I could have thrown in my frustration at the turn out of that race. So instead of throwing yarn balls, I cursed, cuz I needed to get it out. So I did. Kinda. I still don’t feel all that much better.

Tony ended up finishing the Kansas race a measly 15th- which was hard for me to swallow considering he had been doing so well.  He has dropped to 7th in the points standings but is only 19 points out of the LEAD so…all is most definitely not lost! #KeepDiggingTony #GoTeamSHR #BookendChampionships

I don’t really have any notes about Kansas…but remember next week the race in Charlotte is on SATURDAY NIGHT!

Ok so you read the post with the curse words…you deserve to see a cute picture of Roxy in my flickr account. Go ahead…you know you want to. Who can resist cute beagle pictures?

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2 Responses

  • Claudia says:

    I abso-fucking-lutely agree with this entire blog post…except the crocheting. You would not have thrown anything soft and cushy…you would have stabbed someone repeatedly with the needle! LOL

    And yes, my status that day on fb…”15th. Fuck.”

    What else is there to say?

  • Trixie says:

    Sometimes the “F” word is the appropriate term to describe what happened yesterday. All I can say is WTF!!! When he went with two tires it was as if he was lit like a rocket. Those four tires sucked! And then the whole sliding into his pit stall fiasco, all I could say is fuck!

    I am hoping he gets in that mood where he gets mad and tears it up on the track and pulls out a win. I will not be able to watch on Saturday night because I will be the Texas Tech homecoming game. But you can darn well count on me following Twitter that night.

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