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Chase Race 6: Testing Semi-Live Blogging Talladega

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I have been thinking I should try live blogging a race.  It might be fun. So I decided to kind of give it a go with the Talladega race- without publishing it during the race. This is the results. I am not convinced that I should be taking up live blogging anytime soon…let me know what you think:

So without further ado:

I have said it before and I will say it again- I do not like racing where the drivers have to worry about being partnered up with another driver…and answer me this: There are 43 drivers. That is an odd number…so someone is going to be odd man out.  I rather watch the pod racing that happens at restrictor plate races instead of the the long choo-choo train drafting of several years ago…but I still like racing where it’s more of an every racer for himself kind of environment.

I am also not thrilled that David Gilliland has been told to no longer draft with Tony by his manufacturer.  If you have to race in pods you should race with who you are

Aww- love seeing Jeff Gordon letting his children take turns in his race car before the beginning of the race.  So cute!

Jimmie had one flat tire prerace.

And here we go about to go green….

Jeff Gordon found his partner Mark Martin right away…Tony is using Newman currently as a dancing partner at the beginning of the race. At Daytona in July Tony said he didn’t want to use Newman as a partner because he didn’t want to put all his eggs in one basket…and now here he is with all his eggs in one basket.  This makes me nervous.  They led for a bit but are falling back now- this does NOT surprise me because I read somewhere on Saturday that Tony wanted to hang in the back for awhile. Sounds like everyone is trying to slip to the back on purpose…if everyone deploys this strategy- is there going to be a back?

I just got an idea! I think NASCAR should prohibit them from pod racing until the last 10 laps of the race. It would save engines (cost effective) and might make the racing more exciting. I find it hard to get too excited about a race when there are drivers purposely hanging around the back of the race.

Kevin Harvick sounded more like a spotter than a driver…wow…that was interesting. I wonder if Tony’s radio is like that as well? Time to launch my sprint cup mobile because I am curious to hear his radio. No from what I can tell- it sounds like Bob is talking to Tony. I don’t know if Ryan is taking to Tony as well…I don’t hear him and I don’t want to switch drivers to Ryan.

Apparently Denny Hamlin doesn’t have a dance partner and this is Tony Stewart’s fault because he is paired up with Newman. This goes back to the whole idea that with an odd number of cars there is going to be someone left out…whether you are talking about the number of cars in the field (43) or the number of cars on a team (3 in the case of teams like JGR).  Maybe NASCAR should mandate that IF you are going to push you have to push a team mate? I still find the pod racing boring until the end of the race.

I am having a heck of a time with the red and blue paint scheme…finding it on track.

Debris caution. I think they should be required to show the debris on the national broadcast. REQUIRED.  Sometimes they do show it…but they should be required to show it each time. Just sayin.

Denny is still partnerless- too bad he couldn’t hookup with one of the start-and-park teams for a little dinero or something.

I guess it’s time to start thinking up cute names for the pod couples now that everyone seems pretty content with their partnerships. Tony and Ryan would be: NewStew or Stewman. I obviously like Stewman best.  Kevin Harvick/ Paul Menard would have to be HarMen. Oh that one cracks me up. Kyle Busch/Joey Logano would be LoBu of course. Jimmie and Dale? JohnHardt. Oh I could do this all day.

LoBu got broken up by Trevor Bayne – causing Logano to break off from Busch. Logano saved the car- and was slow in the apron when his tire blew and sprinkled tirebits all over the track.  Second yellow caught several teams on pit road.  Not sure if StewMan was one of those teams. This might just give Denny a partner to dance with now in Busch.

The StewMan tandem is no more.  Newman spun out and now Tony has to find a new partner. Sigh. Boo.  Tony apparently takes the blame- but I think it was Reutimann getting too close and taking away side draft. When asked if his car was hurt Tony he replied with “Just his pride.”

Looks like Tony Stewart is trying to hook up with Joey Logano but Tony seems a little timid to push Joey Logano at first.  I wish Bobby LaBonte wasn’t already teamed up with someone. Urg…this is what is totally frustrating to me about this podracing.

The Big One? Looks like StewLo barely made it through that one. Lots of cars damaged. Looks like Tony remains hooked up with Logano.

Logano pushed Tony to the lead…can we just end the race now? No? Shoot. Sigh. Really disgruntled…this race is killing me. I apparently do not play well with others because I do not like when my driver has to rely on another driver to get around a race track. I think it stinks on ice.

Why I hate the dumb IF THE RACE ENDED NOW Chase points updates: The race isn’t going to end now – the they are completely and totally irrelevent. Plus seeing Tony in the points lead….while it makes me EXTREMELY happy…also makes me think they might jinx him. Please stop with that.

Andy Lally gets turned sideways into Jimmie Johnson and collects the 32 car. Jimmie has to have damage.  Last pitstop of the day is under caution. Sounds like Joey Logano is dumping Stewart as a partner and is going with a JGR teammate. that’s real nice. I HATE THIS TYPE OF RACING.

They went over to talk to Junior as he is the in-race reporter and ended up cutting into Chad Knaus talking to Jr. That was weird…hearing the crew chief talking to another driver.  I really wonder how complex it is with the communications at this track.

Did Junior really just say he doesn’t want to “fart a long too long?” Love it. Sounds like something my brother would say.

I really hate the nonstop stuff. I think that they should really go non stop and stop with the side-by-side. The whole race should be side-by-side except for the last 100 laps or so.

Was it me or after that crash with Kurt Busch and Bobby LaBonte did Bobby look like he was walking to the ambulance in slow motion. I am a little worried about him. Replay shows just how hard Busch hit LaBonte. Ouch. Hope he’s ok.

Tony is leading…YEY Tony. Oh no…a multi-car accident behind them- looks like Mark Martin might have caused it.  The 78 car barely nicked Jeff Gordon. There were multiple cars spinning. And here I was hoping that we would get through the last 10 laps with out incident. Seriously? What WAS I thinking? Sigh.

I really like Clint Bowyer’s 100 years of Chevy.

Wow…what happened to Tony and Paul there at the end? And then with Trevor Bayne agreeing to work with Jeff Gordon as a Thank You and then leaving him high and dry…and being a FORD Driver? That really makes me lose respect for Trevor’s word. And I was already anti-ford drivers after hearing that David Gilliland was dropping Tony as a partner because Ford told him to.

All that being said I think I saw that Tony moved up to forth in points.  And I have pretty much decided I do NOT like this live-blogging thing. I don’t think I am that good at it. Any thoughts?

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  • sue says:

    You did a good job blogging live and it probably kept you awake. Wonder if Paul was given orders to stay back while the teammates lead. Oh well its Dega and no one got killed or seriously injured and Tony got a top 10 and moved up in points. Seems like the 48 and 88 strategy of staying in the back didn’t work. Don’t mind if Trevor left Jeffy high and dry as he’d do the same. Poor Bobby. I hope his foot is ok. He certainly was walking in slo mo. Now on the Martinsville where I’m crossing my fingers that just somehow the 14 got their short track problems taken care of.

    oh yes, one of the best quotes today came from Tony as he was being pushed by a battered Logano car. Darien asked Tony how the car was and Tony said ok just that my pride hurts. lol

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